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Cornell University

New Transfer Undergraduates

Transfer Undergraduate Students

As an incoming transfer student, you are in a unique position at Cornell: you benefit from the same orientation programs as incoming first-year students, while your age and experience are more similar to those of Cornell's upperlevel students. 

To help your transition into Cornell's upperlevel community, most transfer students are placed in the West Campus House System or in residence halls for upperlevel students. Whenever possible, transfer student rooms are grouped together to facilitate friendships with other new students. 

South Campus 

West Campus House System

Program Houses

Other transfer students choose to live in Program Houses (themed residence halls) for first-year and upperlevel students, or in cooperative houses (co-ops), home to upperlevel students only. 

Co-op Housing 

Co-op houses are led and governed by their student residents, offering a more independent living environment.

For incoming Transfer Students, every effort will be made to accommodate applicants for on-campus housing on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis.  

Note: In limited situations, transfer students who qualify as first-year students are placed in first-year residences. 

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