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Cornell University

Moving Out

Spring/Summer 2021

Undergraduate students 

Undergraduate residence halls close for the spring semester at 10am on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. If you have not yet responded to notify us of your plans for leaving for spring semester and summer, please Log in to the Portal to complete the form.

COVID-19 and Health and Safety

Family/Friends and Guests are not permitted into any campus buildings, including residence halls, to assist with packing and moving. Please notify your family and friends that they will need to wait at the perimeter of campus in the designated loading zones. Be packed and ready to move out when your ride arrives. You are required to wear a face covering during the move-out process.

Bins and flat carts will be available in residence halls to assist with your move.

Check-out/Key Return

Key return envelopes are available in the following locations:

  • North Campus Service Center in RPCC
  • Hans Bethe House Office
  • Cascadilla Service Center

Please place keys into the envelopes and return them to your Service Center, House Office, or metal key boxes found in your residence halls upon your move-out by 10am on May 26. Please note that if your assigned keys are not returned, you will be charged the following fees:

  • Room key - $104
  • Exterior door key - $104
  • Mailbox key - $50

Room Checklist (to complete before you leave campus!)

  • Remove all trash to your building dumpsters, and take recycling to your building recycling center.
  • Return all dining items to the nearest dining room – no questions asked!
  • Clean and vacuum your room. If you do not, you will be charged for staff labor.
  • Remove any message boards, tape, posters, hooks, and associated mounting brackets from your walls, ceiling, and door.
  • Clean your bathroom and kitchen (if applicable).
  • Unplug all appliances – computers, lamps, clocks, etc. (Exception: Townhouse refrigerators should remain plugged in.)
  • If your building is wired for Internet access, leave the Internet cable in your room.
  • If you subscribed to Spectrum (available in the Townhouses), visit for instructions about your account.
  • Unplug your MicroFridge, clean it out, and prop open the door.
  • Take all valuable items with you, including laptop computers, etc. Remember to take passports and medications!
  • Take fish and plants with you.
  • Lock your windows, close your drapes and/or shades, and turn out all lights.
  • Lock and double-check your room, suite, and/or apartment door.
  • Turn in your keys to your service center, house office or metal key box in your residence hall.

Mail Service & Forwarding Address

Be sure that you leave an accurate forwarding address so that mail can be appropriately handled. Forwarding addresses may be updated through the housing portal. First class mail will be forwarded. International mail will be returned to the sender with a forwarding address attached. Residents must make arrangements with publishers to redirect newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. Be sure to also change your address for the 2021-2022 academic year online in the Cornell University directory at

Important Loading/Unloading Parking Information

Due to construction and the need to restrict vehicle access from our fire apparatus roadways and sidewalks, changes remain in effect for where you will be able to park and load for your upcoming move-out, as well as your return in August 2021. We’ve outlined in email communications for you areas where you will be permitted to drive and park temporarily to load and unload your vehicle. It is important that you adhere to these loading locations and do not drive on any pedestrian walkways not designated for these locations. Please refer to your email communications from our Housing & Residential Life team and visit Important Loading and Parking Information for detailed instructions.

Personal Security and Theft

The need for residential security increases when there are fewer residents present (from now through closing). Protect yourself and your personal belongings. Wallets and bags, packages, and electronics are all more vulnerable at this time. Keep your doors locked at all times. As always, do not allow nonresidents access to the building unless a resident accompanies them. Any unusual observations should be reported to Campus Life or Cornell Police at (607) 255-1111. If it is an emergency, please dial 911.