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Cornell University

Prospect of Whitby

228 Wait Avenue

Prospect of Whitby is one of the university’s cooperative residences, a collaborative and independent community governed by its student residents.

The co-op is a warm and open house where members commit to working toward the good of the house and its residents, toward resolving any conflicts in an open and accepting forum, and toward promoting group unity. The co-op is managed by elected officers and house policies are decided democratically at house meetings. Members share in house upkeep with weekly house jobs. Dinners are prepared by members and food staples are available for individual use.

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Community Features:

  • Open to transfer and upper-level students
  • 19 residents
  • Located at 228 Wait Avenue on north campus
  • 7 single and 6 double rooms, with shared bathrooms
  • A living room with a fireplace and a piano, a large kitchen, a basement with bike storage and laundry facilities, a porch swing, and limited parking
  • Bedrooms contain, for each occupant: an extra-long twin bed, a closet and a bureau (or wardrobe/bureau combination), a desk and desk chair, a desk lamp, and a wastebasket
  • Internet access included

Dining options:

Prospect of Whitby has an all-vegetarian house meal plan.

Mail and packages:

Visit the Service Center website for student mail and package information.


Email, or contact the Off-Campus, Cooperative and Graduate Living team at or 607-254-8383.