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Program Houses

Want to learn more about art, theatre, or music? Act on your concern for the preservation of our planet? Reaffirm or explore an ethnic or cultural identity?Program Houses – or themed residence halls – offer the chance to develop and immerse yourself in interests within an engaging community of residents and out-of-house members. These close-knit communities have a high level of involvement, with regular events, programming, and outreach opportunities, often in collaboration with related academic departments.

Cornell Program Houses Virtual Fair, May 3, 2021 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Browse virtual booths about the Program Houses and, if you wish, participate in live chat or videoconferencing with students and staff. Register in advance.

To apply to live in a Program House for the 2021-2022 academic year you just list the houses you're interested in as preferences when you fill out the housing application. You'll be asked to write a few sentences explaining your choices. It's an easy process.

To learn more about each Program House, read the details on their websites, and their CampusGroups communities pages, listed below! (CampusGroups is the software platform Cornell uses for student organizations and community events.)

You will be asked to answer short-response questions for each community to which you apply. You may apply to as many communities as you like. Each community has a separate selection process, so you may be accepted to multiple communities.

Remember that you can get involved in any community at any time by signing up to be an Out-of-House Member! You get all of the benefits as current residents, and it's a great way to learn about the communities and the people you may be living with next year.

Activities Fees: Program House residents pay a nominal activities fee of $40-$100/year to help support the many programs that define and distinguish each house. Visit each each of the Program House's web pages (visit Housing Rates for activities fees).

Our housing options vary in physical location and environmental design. Please note that not every building has elevator access, air conditioning, wheelchair accessible rooms, and/or private bathrooms. Please see individual housing pages for more information, or contact the Housing Office at or 607-255-5368.