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Shreyas Prasad

Meet Shreyas Prasad

College: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Year: 2023
Organizations and Campus Affiliations: CEP, CSS, BRR, APO, COVID-19 Peer Ambassador

Why did you become an Ambassador?

I became a COVID-19 Peer Ambassador because I wanted to promote a healthy environment on campus and ensure that people could safely make the most out of this unprecedented semester.

Favorite socially distanced activity? 

Tossing around a frisbee 

What are some ways you're working to keep our campus community healthy and safe?

I have been working as a Peer Consultant to brainstorm ideas on how Cornell could improve on existing procedures and implementing new protocols to ensure a safe learning environment. 

Why do you wear a mask?

I wear a mask to protect not only my friends and family, but the members of the community who may be at a higher risk for developing chronic symptoms of COVID-19.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to everyone during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Wear masks anytime you're outside and avoid dine-in restaurants(a large percentage of COVID-19 outbreaks have been traced to restaurants where mask wearing is not possible)