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Student Employment

Earn money. Gain lifelong professional experience. Build your network.

Student and Campus Life is Cornell University's largest student employer. Departments across the university are always looking for talented and motivated students to contribute to the student experience in many ways. Working on campus allows you to build valued workplace skills including professionalism, customer service, and time management, while working for an employer that places primary importance on your academic endeavors.

Whether you are looking for a job, currently working on campus, or looking for resources to support student employees, you can access help, find answers to your questions, and so much more through this site.


Fath’Ma Shabani '24

"When I am talking to new hires, I have to be clear, send reminders, and know how to communicate with someone that does not know what I know. I might think something is easy to do, but that’s because I have that information, so I have to know how to talk to someone that does not." - Fath’Ma Shabani '24, Student Coordinator for Staff Development, previously, Fitness Monitor, Cornell Fitness Centers





Benefits of working in Student and Campus Life

As a student, you're in a unique position to find employment that's in alignment with your academic goals. See how student employment can help you develop as both a student and professional.

Andrés Castellanos
"As a supervisor, I work on Saturdays when most pro-staff are not in, but students are. And even though, I’m not there for the whole day, I have to plan for the whole day, not just that part I’m there for, making sure everyone gets their lunch, making sure we’re well-staffed for the hotspot times, making sure we’re covered from opening to closing." - Andrés Castellanos '25, Student Supervisor, The Cornell Store
  • Explore a wide range of positions, including customer service, marketing, programming and much more.

  • Gain career-enhancing skills, such as teamwork and effective communication in the workplace.
  • Strengthen personal characteristics such as professionalism and time management that drive future success.
  • Gain valuable new perspectives from working with teammates and supervisors.
  • Enhance different aspects of life effectively by balancing academics, work, and extracurricular activities.
  • Directly impact the student experience for yourself and your peers in a variety of ways.
  • Ladder your skills and grow your leadership as you progress your employment within a department or across the SCL division.
  • Work with colleagues who understand your unique needs as a student.


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