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Campus Activities

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Student Org Support Drop-In Hours

The Campus Activities office is holding daily Zoom drop in hours to help with ANYTHING you may need:

  • Moving meetings to Zoom

  • Virtual Elections
  • Virtual Programming
  • Starting a new organization next semester
  • Constitution & Bylaw support
  • Leadership transitions
  • Budgets (SAFC and other funding opportunities)

Drop-in hours: Monday thru Friday from 1-2pm EST (Cornell time!) with waiting room ID: 851-269-921. Additional ways to access the call can be found at this page.

You will be added into a waiting room where a staff member will invite you in when available. You will need to log in through your Cornell Zoom account.


Welcome to Campus Activities!

Campus Activities provides vibrant and supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning, the practice of leadership, social responsibility, interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness through experiential learning.

We bring students and student communities together to:

  • Foster/create a sense of belonging

  • Gain an understanding of, and an appreciation for, diversity
  • Promote health and well-being
  • Foster personal awareness
  • Actively engage in and prepare for their roles as global citizens

We cultivate students’ active engagement in Cornell University through registered student organizations, volunteer and employment opportunities as well as participation in events, programs, workshops and training.

We also serve as a resource for those wishing to plan events on the Cornell campus including Bailey Hall

Read updates about events on campus from the Cornell Chronicle:

New event planning policies unveiled following student input - 2/14/19

Cornell to cover security fees for student events - 4/30/19

Mission & Goals

Our mission—to provide students with opportunities designed to promote individual growth, creativity and personal connections through experiential learning—is accompanied by 6 main goals:

  1. To empower students and support their activities through the provision of services, facilities, classes, training and programs.

  2. To facilitate and support hands-on experiences where students learn and use leadership and life skills. These skills include team building, group development, supervision, budget development and fiscal management, marketing and promotion techniques, professional ethics, time management, decision-making and meeting management.
  3. Consult with students, staff and faculty wishing to hold major events on university property.
  4. Evaluate Campus Activities programs, training and services regularly and initiate change when needed.
  5. Commit resources towards applying technological advances to Campus Activities sponsored programs and services.
  6. Initiate and support collaboration among students, staff and faculty in the area of programming.

Meet the Team

Karli Buday

Director of Campus Activities (Interim)

523 Willard Straight Hall

Karli is the current Interim Director to Campus Activities within Campus and Community Engagement. The Campus Activities Team strives to focus on promoting and nurturing student learning, social responsibility, and community membership through experiential learning and student involvement. In addition, the office directly works with over 1,000 student organizations to provide mentorship through the year.

Denice Cassaro

Assistant Director, Campus Activities

527 Willard Straight Hall

Denice is an Assistant Director in Campus Activities where she is dedicated to providing vibrant and supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning, the practice of leadership, social responsibility, interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness through experiential learning. She directly advises the Welcome Weekend Committee, the Willard Straight Hall Student Union Board and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Program Board. Denice oversees the Campus Activities Resource Center located in Willard Straight Hall and the Big Red Shuttle program.

Bridget DuBrey

Assistant Director, Campus Activities

525 Willard Straight Hall

Bridget is an Assistant Director in Campus Activities and helps to ensure the success of all student groups on campus. Bridget focuses on helping students learn skills in leadership, inclusion, organization, and time management through their experiences outside of the classroom. Bridget directly advises the ’20 and ’21 Class Councils, SAFC, and the Senior Days Committee and is excited to assist all student groups throughout the year.

Kyle Schillace

Assistant Director, Campus Activities

526 Willard Straight Hall

Kyle is an Assistant Director for Campus Activities. Kyle’s work focuses on advising Class Councils ’22 and ’23, the CUTonight Commission, and the Senior Convocation committee. He also oversees the Class Council Bus Program and assists with student leadership training and workshops.

Linda Siptrott

Program Assistant, Campus Activities; Business Manager

401 Willard Straight Hall

Linda works closely with the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center student staff, assisting with hiring and training, staff development, and learning outcome assessment. Her passion for mentoring has driven her to work and train using a hands-on approach and to lead by example.

Roxanne Edsall

Operations and Administrative Assistant

521 Willard Straight Hall

Roxanne is the current Office Manager for the Campus Activities Office. She has been serving Cornell University for over 25 years and has an immense passion for supporting students.

In her current role as Office Manager, Roxanne has oversight of the office logistics, budgets, scheduling, and ensures the professional staff have the administrative needs to be successful in their roles.