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Regina Martinez

Meet Regina Martinez

Hometown: Virginia
College: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Major: Animal Science
Year: 2022

During her short time here at Cornell, sophomore Regina Martinez has experienced a number of unique opportunities as a Cornell Tradition fellow. Regina is from northern Virginia and is working on a pre-vet track currently studying Animal Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Science. She is also a member of the Herpetology club and an outdoor enthusiast.

This summer, Regina worked for Cornell’s Animal Science department studying dairy cattle. Her work, which sometimes occupied her up to twelve hours per shift, included studying cows’ diets, testing blood samples to monitor Ketone bodies, and participating in a variety of lab tasks to learn about processing digestion. Regina’s desire to become a veterinarian is influenced by her father, a veterinarian himself and her role model.

One piece of advice Regina has for new Tradition fellows is to be proactive in finding opportunities of interest to you—send emails of inquiry, follow up, be persistent and keep looking for ways to get involved. Fun Fact: Regina spent the spring semester of her freshman year conducting research utilizing sled dogs, an opportunity she heard about from a student presenter while attending our Cornell Commitment Showcase!