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Office of the Dean of Students

A message from the Dean of Students 

Dean Marla Love

Dear Students,

I am privileged to serve as the Robert W. & Elizabeth C. Staley Dean of Students and facilitate transformation in the Student Experience.  

As your Dean of Students, I serve as an advocate and facilitator of the student experience. Along with my team, I am deeply invested in cultivating transformational student experiences that will shape who you are becoming and how you make meaning of your experiences, relationships, passions, and beliefs. I am dean to all students and am committed to fostering an inclusive campus community that supports your personal, social, and intellectual growth.  

You are a contributing member of a Cornell Community that is full of endless opportunities. By immersing yourself in all that Cornell offers, you will undoubtedly create lasting memories and form valuable connections that will shape your future. Engage with your professors, participate in clubs and organizations, attend campus events, and explore the local community. Your out-of-the-classroom experience (what we call the co-curricular) enhances your creativity and encourages you to challenge yourself to shape the life you want to lead here on campus and beyond.  

University life won’t always be perfect. You will make mistakes, and we are here for you in those moments. Some of my life’s biggest turning points happened in moments when I failed or made mistakes. In the moments when you are feeling stuck or unsure, we are here to challenge and support you as you problem-solve and navigate the college environment. Don’t be afraid to connect with us in your more vulnerable moments.  

The Office of the Dean of Students team invites you to engage with us. We are ready to support and help you find the answers you are seeking. Please visit us on the 2nd floor of Willard Straight Hall or by email at   

My hope is that you feel a strong affiliation and social connection to Cornell. That each day, you know that:

You belong. 
You are enough. 
There is a purpose for you within this community. 

Marla Love 

Robert W. and Elizabeth C. Staley Dean of Students