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Ashley Xiang

Meet Ashley Xiang

College: College of Human Ecology
Year: 2024
Affiliations/Organizations: COVID-19 Peer Ambassador, Cornell Thrift, Medium, Chinese Students Association, and Food Recovery

Why did you become an Ambassador?

Because of the current climate, I felt as though I had a responsibility to serve as a good role model on campus and I also wanted to increase public health awareness. The program looked like an amazing opportunity to volunteer on campus and tackle current issues that are affecting our everyday lives. 

Favorite socially distanced activity? 

My favorite socially distanced activity is hiking! There are many different trails or routes on campus that have beautiful scenery and being outside in nature boosts your mental health and wellness.

What are some ways you're working to keep our campus community healthy and safe?

By volunteering to pass out masks or COVID-19 supplies, I am working to keep our campus community healthy and safe because masks or supplies may not be accessible to everyone. We also answer questions and inform the general public so we are promoting a well educated community that is working together in the midst of a pandemic.

Why do you wear a mask?

Masks are scientifically shown to significantly reduce the spread of the virus and are crucial for maintaining our ability to stay on campus. I personally wear a mask because I am doing my part on campus, I value safety, and I want to help mitigate the harmful effects of COVID-19.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to everyone during this COVID-19 pandemic? 

One piece of advice I would give is to take this extra time we may have at home to try new hobbies or take on activities that you may have always been interested in but have been too hesitant to try.