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Tatkon Center for New Students

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The Tatkon Center for New Students is a resource center to support all new students during their transition to Cornell University and through their first year. As professional staff, we coordinate a comprehensive orientation program for all new undergraduate students, including a welcome program for their families. The transition to university life takes time. We are dedicated to creating an informative and engaging orientation, followed by programs and services throughout students’ first year. Just downstairs, the Tatkon Center, located on the first floor of the Robert Purcell Community Center, is staffed by Tatkon Peer Leaders (or TPLs) who are upper-level students trained and ready to support students in guiding and navigating University resources.


Meet the Tatkon Staff

Meet the Tatkon Center for New Students staff who are dedicated to helping students thrive as they transition to Cornell.

Coming Soon: Meet the AY 22-23 Tatkon Peer Leaders