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Riya Patel

Meet Riya Patel

Hometown: Tampa, FL
College: College of Human Ecology
Year: 2024
Affiliations and Organizations: COVID-19 Peer Ambassador, Cornell Speech and Debate Society, The Steminist Movement

Why did you become an Ambassador? I think that students have the power and ability to shape and influence other people's actions, and modeling public health practices and providing free supplies helps each individual contribute to a safer community. 

Favorite socially distanced activity? Exploring nature around Cornell

What are some ways you're working to keep our campus community healthy and safe? Staying distanced, wearing a mask, frequently washing hands/sanitizing, following the behavioral compact!

Why do you wear a mask? Because you can never know if someone you contact is at risk or is around someone who is at risk, and it is a sign that you care and want to protect others. It is a simple act of caring. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to everyone during this COVID-19 pandemic? Never underestimate the power your actions have. Let those actions lead to good and not danger.