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CTLC Academic/Credit Bearing Courses



PE 1663- Ropes Course  (Fall)

PE 1663- Ropes Course (Spring)

PE 1663- Ropes Course (Summer)

Students learn about leadership, teamwork and pushing past perceived limits during this 3-day course at Cornell's Hoffman Challenge Course. We meet on campus for the first class to get to know one another and do some group activities that will prepare students for the full days ahead. The 2nd class is a full day of low elements activities that involve outdoor team challenges like building log bridges, balancing on cables and swinging on ropes. The 3rd class is on the high ropes course where students rely on trust and teamwork to climb up 10-60 feet in the air, swinging/balancing, jumping off platforms and ziplining. This experience is founded on the principle of Challenge by Choice and the outdoor ropes course environment offers fantastic opportunities to learn, grow and try new things with many ways to adapt the experience to every unique person. The course is taught off-campus at the Hoffman Challenge Course.

Students can take this course for PE Credit, or they can opt into this course as facilitator training and work at the Ropes Course over the summer!

Offered in the Spring and Fall!

Person walking on the catwalk high ropes course element, 30 feet off the ground.

LEAD 1960 - Leadership Training Practicum CTLC

This introductory course is intended for students interested in the Leadership Minor who are engaged in various leadership activities across campus. The course will be structured to teach principles of leadership that will be immediately applied to a student's activity. Formal training provided by the Public Service Center, Office of Engaged Initiatives, Greek leadership, Big Red Leadership Institute, Cornell Outdoor Education or other approved program is expected and included. Students enroll in the sub-lecture for their respective programs.

PE 1662- Outdoor Leadership in Practice

Improve your leadership skills through hands-on experience and practice. In this course, you will complete some basic leadership assessments that will help you reflect on your leadership style and opportunities for growth. We’ll delve into topics like trust-building, communication, agility, inclusion and belonging, and leadership values. This is a lightly physical class that will bring students to beautiful outdoor spaces where we can apply leadership principles through team activities and challenges. Students will visit the Hoffman Challenge Course, local state parks and the Cornell Botanic Gardens. Transportation is provided.

Only offered in the Fall semester.

group of students outside playing a game

ALS 2000 - Leadership for Sustainability

This course is for students who are interested in becoming leaders for sustainability while on campus and throughout their lives. It is open to all levels. Students will focus primarily on sustainability issues in residence halls but opportunities to address similar issues across campus and/or in the community are also available. In the fall semester, the focus is on reducing waste. During the spring semester emphasis is on reducing energy use and the risks associated with a changing climate. Students will increase their leadership and communication skills and better understand how to motivate themselves and others to change behaviors that will improve our stewardship of the world around us.