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Cornell University

Portable Team Challenges


The Cornell Team and Leadership Center offers convenient portable team challenges. For these programs, we choose a location indoors or outdoors that suits your group and we bring all the supplies needed for a day of team initiatives and fun. Much like our low element programs, these portable activities challenge your group to communicate, problem-solve, and work together in order to develop a more cohesive unit. Programs typically start with activities that encourage individuals to learn about their peers and the existing dynamics in their group. Over time we progress through challenges that are more nuanced and difficult, drawing on the skills and abilities of different team members to succeed.* We integrate experiential leadership with fun activities and for groups that are interested in really developing their performance, we include more targeted lessons and challenges.

Some of our portable activities include: Key Punch, Maze, Portable Spider’s Web, Bull Ring, Trebuchets and infinite more! 

*Any activities can be adapted for individuals who have physical limitations. 

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