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Spring 2021 PE Courses

Backcountry Photography

Sign up now for Spring 2021 PE courses! All COE courses are normally open to the public. In spring 2021 only Cornell students may enroll due to Covid-19 restrictions. Most courses don't require any previous experience.

Please review our enrollment and fee policies. You can find courses in any program area from the menu. For those looking to earn PE credit alone or while distance learning, consider our special edition Self-Guided Courses.

Please review our Spring 2021 PE COVID policies for more information concerning the way PE classes will be affected by COVID requirements. Call or email our registrar to sign up at 607-255-6183 or email, or find us on student center during the enrollment period.

For COE courses that begin before 2/12/21, the drop deadline is Monday, 2/8/21. The drop deadline for all other courses is Friday, 2/12/21. You can add a COE course anytime up to the start date.


Backpacking and Camping



Circus Arts



Personal Growth

Rock Climbing

Snow Sports

Trail Running

Tree Climbing

Wilderness Medicine