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A couple backpacking on a trail

We want everyone to have the chance to experience the beauty of the outdoors, the thrill of overcoming an obstacle, the joy of deep connections, and the satisfaction of teaching.

Cornell Outdoor Education Donation Portal

While some of our costs are covered by program fees, donors are an important part of what keeps us going and growing. Are you an alum who realizes how much influence your COE experience has had on your life? A parent whose son or daughter had a wonderful time on a course? The leader of a company who saw a transformation in work culture after one of our leadership trainings or appreciate the communication and leadership skills in the COE graduate you hired? Or are you someone who supports access to these life-changing experiences for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or what “group” they belong to? No matter your motivation, we welcome your support.

Contact Mark Holton at or 607-254-2798 if you would like to discuss major gift giving.