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In the Classroom

Bringing Leadership to the Classroom Setting

For groups that want to gain practical knowledge about leadership skills and systems we can bring our programs right into the classroom. We facilitate interactive activities that relate to real-life scenarios, giving students context for the topics they are learning about. These Classroom Programs are an ideal way to develop group cohesion, good communication, and efficiency in a cohort. 

We work with departments across the Cornell Campuses to deliver interactive curated programs using models like The Leadership Wheel, DiSC, and EQi 2.0. Currently, we lead Classroom Programs for the Samuel C Johnson College of Business, Cornell Engineering, Cornell Law School and the ILR School.

Students gathered around a wooden table passing tennis balls across the table while looking very focused and smiling.


Sample Curriculum

Session 1: Group Integration- Low and High element program at the Hoffman Challenge Course to help the students get to know one another and build trust while stretching out of their comfort zones.

Session 2: Self-Awareness through the Leadership Wheel- Classroom lecture with personal assessments and reflections to explore leadership styles and interactions between different styles.

Session 3: Effective Team Collaboration- Group activity to identify components of highly effective teams.

Session 4: Trust Building- Group activity to learn about how to build and rebuild trust.

Session 5: Communication- Group activity to practice expressing thoughts clearly and active listening skills.

Session 6: Inclusion and Belonging- Interactive exercises that bring awareness to the experiences of others and the complexity of personal identities.

Session 7: Learning Agility- Group activity focused on working through change, creativity and breakthrough thinking.

Session 8: Leadership Values- Interactive exercise to define personal values as they relate to leadership.

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For more information, please reach out to the Leadership Program Coordinator, Sylvie Froncek