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Team Bonding

Group of 5 people pointing to Johnson School banner on light post, on Feeney Way outside of Sage Hall at Cornell

Team Bonding

Is your team meeting for the first time? Do you have a large group and limited time for bonding activities? Are you unable to transport your group offsite?

A Team Bonding experience, led by the Cornell Team and Leadership Center is a great way to help your group start to form meaningful relationships in a short period of time.

Team Scavenger Hunts

Our customized and curated Scavenger Hunts are a fun way to give your group a team bonding experience that is outside of the academic realm. These events range from 1.5-3 hours in length and they can take place anywhere on the Cornell Campus. The organizers work with our facilitators to design challenges or "tasks" that are appropriate for your group. These tasks include identifying points of interest on Cornell Campus and highlighting interesting facts and information about Cornell. During the Scavenger Hunt, participants work in groups of 5-7 to complete as many tasks as possible to score the maximum number of points in the time allotted. The group members must strategize and work together to prioritize and complete tasks collectively. 

Our facilitators will do a light and lively ice breaker activity to start off the Scavenger Hunt. When the participants return from their hunt, they will take part in a short debrief of the activity to share details about their experiences. 

Cornell Tradition students completing the CTLC Scavenger Hunt

Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Learning to navigate Cornell Campus 

  • Identifying important places 
  • Learning about Cornell's History and culture
  • Connecting with members of a cohort
  • Building bonds, making memories, laughing and having fun
  • A photo album for the group to enjoy and share after the event

*Any activity can be adapted for individuals who have physical limitations.

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