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Tree Climbing Resources

A crossbow used in tree climbing

While there many possible tree climbing techniques, we have settled on a subset which satisfy the following criteria for a class of 8 to 12 students and four instructors:

  • Students supervised at a 1 to 3 ratio or greater
  • As much of the gear as is practical should be sharable with collegiate rock climbing programs
  • Rigging should be lowerable as often as is practical
  • Rescue should be simple and operable without the participation of the climber
  • Systems should be minimum impact

Skillset Videos 

Tree Climbing Knots

Getting the Rope in the Tree — Tossing

Getting the Rope in the Tree — Rope Attachment

Descending — Rappel

Ascending — Texas Kick

Ascending — GriGri Direct Aid

Ascending — Full Circle Rig

Ascending — Frog Type Systems

Ascending — Double Rope Technique

Anchoring in the Tree

Line Launching with a Crossbow

Blake's Hitch Drop Testing

Expedition Videos

Tree Climbing in Borneo

Climbing the Giant Sequoia

Ground to Crown - Climbing the Giant Sequoia

Tree Climbing in Costa Rica

Tree Climbing in Madagascar

Redwoods Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing in the Republic of Georgia


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