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Outdoor Odyssey is a student-run organization. All of our guides are highly trained Cornell undergraduate students from all over the university. We hope you enjoy getting to know our awesome Odyssey Coordinators and a few of our 80+ guides here!

Odyssey 2020 Coordinators

Anna Canny

Anna Canny, one of your cOOrdinators for 2020, is a rising senior (class of 2021) from Syracuse, New York, studying Environmental Science and English. She is passionate about good books and sad music. Anna had a blast on 6-day backpacking as a freshman, and continued the fun by guiding a 6-day Rock-Back this past year. She enjoys working closely with guides and hopes to make Outdoor Odyssey a special community for each and every one of you. She is delighted to serve as your coordinator and is committed to helping you make friends and memories at Cornell long before move-in day.

Rollin Leavitt

Rollin Leavitt, one of Outdoor Odyssey's 2020 cOOrdies, is a rising junior (class of 2022) studying Biological Engineering. Rollin is from Durango, Colorado, and has a deep love for climbing inspired by his home in the mountains. When he isn't studying or coordinating Odyssey, you can find him in the Lindseth Climbing Center where he climbs and route-sets. Rollin did a 6 day Rock-Back trip his Freshman year and led an 8 day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks his sophomore year. Rollin is super passionate about building a strong Odyssey community and keeping the Oasis of Madness a fun and welcoming space. Rollin is super excited to usher incoming freshmen and returning guides into a great year at Cornell with a wOOnderful trip.

Featured Guides

Yunting Fang

Name: Yunting Fang
Hometown: China!
College: Engineering
Area(s) of Study: Operations Research and Engineering, Viticulture and Enology
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Belaying and backcountry cooking!
Talk to Me About: Making wine and liquor!
Fun Fact: I successfully hid my nose ring from my parents for a solid 6 months big lol

Colton Warner

Name: Colton Warner
Hometown: Lexington, KY
College: Hotel Administration
Area(s) of Study: Hotel Administration
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, backpacking, exploring, skiing, cooking, swimming
Talk to Me About: Food, ecotourism, Kentucky Basketball, wild stories
Fun Fact: I still wear my Nike ID shoes from 7th grade that say my name on the back

Emma Jeliffe

Name: Emma Jelliffe
Hometown: Stamford, CT
College: Human Ecology
Area(s) of Study: Health Care Policy, Spanish, Inequality Studies
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Swimming in lakes, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, and enjoying the outdoors with friends
Talk to Me About: Weird hobbies, your favorite food(s), good hiking spots, and hot-takes
Fun Fact: Animals can have feathers or teeth, but not both!

Claire Jones

Name: Claire Jones
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
College: Arts and Sciences
Area(s) of Study: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Linguistics, French 
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Running, climbing rocks and/or trees, bird watching
Talk to Me About: Birds, languages, bird languages, running, eggs, horses with hands riding bicycles
Fun Fact: My favorite milks are, in order: 2%, oat, whole, coconut, 1%, soy, almond, macadamia, skim, flax. also, milk is the ideal beverage to drink with dinner

Andrew Tseng

Name: Andrew Tseng
Hometown: Moraga, CA
College: Industrial and Labor Relations
Area(s) of Study:  ILR, Economics, Business
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Running, climbing, hiking, capture the flag
Talk to Me About: NFL, kitchen nightmares, and stonks
Fun Fact: I once ran into Steph Curry in a bathroom

Ellie Leape

Name: Ellie Leape
Hometown: Washington DC
College: Agriculture and Life Sciences
Area(s) of Study: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Canoeing, running, cross-country skiing, sleeping, eating, laughing
Talk to Me About: Oatmeal and The Parent Trap
Fun Fact: I really like carrot-sculpting! 

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