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Outdoor Odyssey is a student-run organization. All of our guides are highly trained Cornell undergraduate students from all over the university. We hope you enjoy getting to know our awesome Odyssey Coordinators and a few of our 80+ guides here!

Odyssey 2021 Coordinators

Rollin Leavitt

My name's Rollin Leavitt and I'm one of the Odyssey Coordinators! I'm a Junior Bio-engineering major from southwestern Colorado. Other than as a coordie, I work as a rock-climbing instructor and a routesetter at the Lindseth Climbing Center on campus. Come hangout and climb after your trips! I LOVE climbing, coffee, creating synthetic intestines, and cooking delicious food with my friends! I'm super stoked to meet all of you and hope you have a skier's epic week, not a climber's epic week. If I was a vegetable I would definitely be an Artichoke, for obvious reasons.

Olivia Weinberg

Hi, my name is Olivia Weinberg and Im a junior majoring in environment and sustainability and international agriculture. I loove cooking, eating, surfing and plants, especially plant propagating. Im from Briarcliff Manor, NY aka 45 minutes outside the city aka westchester. You can usually find me napping in my hammock, doing work in Zeus/Mann or sitting on the floor somewhere (I love the floor). I would love to get to know you all so please reach out if you want to sit on the floor or climb (my skills are a work in progress) or create something (I have a copious amount of art supplies)! If I were a vegetable, I’d be a broccoli :)

Heyo! My name is Claire Kenwood and I hail from Chicagoland suburbia. I’m currently a Junior majoring in civil engineering and am hoping to focus on sustainable transportation and urban design. When I'm not spending copious amounts of time in Upson, I love learning new sports, cooking with friends, cinnamon toast crunch, and my mint plant! I'm so excited to hang out with you all! Hit me up if you want to play foot volley or just want to mull over a thousand piece puzzle! If I was a vegetable I would be a cucumber (I think that’s actually a fruit but you know what I mean).

Featured Guides

Yunting Fang

My name is Yunting Fang and I am a senior studying Operations Research. I am passionate about the positive and inclusive community at Odyssey, and I am proud to foster the future generations of Odyssey guides as one of the Training Chairs. Outside of Odyssey, I spend lots of time studying winemaking and winetasting; I am currently WSET Level 3 certified. Ask me for wine recommendations:)

Dan Beitler

Hi, I'm Dan Beitler, I am a senior in arts and sciences currently double majoring in chemistry and economics. I enjoy playing guitar, rock climbing, and watching movies. Outside of Odyssey I am part of a research lab, work in a hospital, and hope to one day be a doctor. I have been treasurer for the past two years and organize the budgeting and finances so everyone can focus on more important matters like what to put in their lunch wraps. Outdoor Odyssey was my crash course to college and camping and it has given me friends and skills that have helped me throughout college. I hope you decide to join the community and have similarly amazing experiences of your own.

Dylan Rodgers

Hi! My name is Dylan Rodgers and I am a sophomore Environment and Sustainability major in CALS pursuing a minor in Community Food Systems. I love plants and all things outdoors. I grew up in Colorado and will eternally be on the quest for the perfect granola. I love the Outdoor Odyssey community and commitment to making an easy transition for new Cornell students! 

Lizzie Silletto

Hi!! My name is Lizzie Silletto and I am one of the three training chairs this year! I'm a senior majoring in Food Science and am originally from the Boston area. My second home on campus is the Lindseth Climbing Wall, where I work and teach 3 classes (and climb as much as I can). I also love skiing and baking and make endless amounts of cookies and brownies when I'm stressed. Odyssey is amazing and a wonderful way to start Cornell so welcome aboard!!

Gavin Batsimm

My name is Gavin Batsimm and I'm one of the two Selection's Chairs, meaning I organize and run the interview process for our new guides as well as grouping guides to lead each of our trips! I'm a senior studying chemical engineering and work in vaccine process improvement.  I love hiking, skiing, kayaking, and laying around outside. Besides odyssey,  I play violin in orchestra and work in a research lab studying polymer templated materials!  I also love food: both the cooking and the eating parts :)  I'm super excited to see Odyssey running trips for all of you, and I hope Odyssey is the first of many amazing experiences during your time at Cornell! 

Andrew Tseng

Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Tseng (he/him/his), one of the Odyssey Training Chairs. I am a junior from the San Francisco Bay Area studying Industrial and Labor Relations and minoring in Business and Economics. This semester, I am remotely working for a business and employment law firm in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Regarding Odyssey, I participated as a tripper in 2018 and guided a rock-back trip in 2019. Outside of classes and work, I love long-distance running, backpacking, climbing, and reading. 

Jessica Huang

Hi Everyone! My name is Jessica Huang. I’m a junior majoring in Human Development and minoring in Health Policy and Business. I’m Selections co-chair with Gavin.  I’m from New Jersey, but I went to high school in Canada, which is where I got really into the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activities are definitely rock climbing (I’m a COE rock climbing instructor) and skiing. In my free time I like embroidering and baking. Fun fact I’ve never ordered a cup of coffee.   

Larry Xing

Hi! My name is Larry Xing and I am currently a junior ('22) studying Environment & Sustainability. As one of the two Marketing Chairs, I am super excited to connect new students with our amazing program! I had a wonderful time on my backpacking transfer trip and hope many others can have similar experiences! On-campus, I am also involved with Cornell's AguaClara project team, working to develop sustainable safe-water technologies. Outside of school, I am an avid New York sports fan (Go Yankees, Knicks, and Giants) and aspiring to be a half-decent cook!

Ella de Bruijn

Howdy friends! my name is Ella de Bruijn, I’m from Connecticut, and I am a junior studying Environment and Sustainability sciences with a concentration in governance and policy. I’m on the women’s varsity polo team and in Epsilon Eta, a sustainability frat on campus. I love skiing, climbing, surfing, watercolors, guitar, and any baked good. If I was a vegetable I would be a sweet potato! Can’t wait to meet all of yOOu.

Vada Andrews

Hey y'all! I'm Vada Andrews and I am a sophomore from Austin, Texas studying animal science and Jewish studies. I hope to be a vet one day and would love to hear about any cool animal facts you have. Outside of class I am involved with sled dog research, Cornell Hillel, and occasional clarinet playing. I am social chair and half of marketing for Odyssey.


Camille Vanderwatt

Hi! My name is Camille Vanderwatt, and I’m the new Odyssey Secretary. I’m a first year and I’m currently planning on majoring in Mathematics. I’m from eastern Long Island, NY so I love the beach and the outdoors in general- Odyssey’s a perfect fit for that! Besides that, I loooove music- mostly Indie like Bastille, Flipturn, and The Band CAMINO. I’m also very obsessed with old 2000’s-2010’s pop, because how could you not be? I can’t wait to meet everyone, and I’d love to swap playlists and music recommendations! Lastly, if I was a vegetable, I would be Spinach, because I’m your only valid excuse for eating an entire jar of spinach and artichoke dip.

Kion Yaghoobzadeh

Hey y’all! My name’s Kion Yaghoobzadeh and I’m a freshman from Westchester, NY. I’m an Environment & Sustainability major and the Guide-In-Training Representative for Odyssey. I love everything outdoorsy—backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding—you name it. I’m involved in a couple of non-partisan political groups on campus so feel free to talk to me about that. I also do jiu jitsu and used to wrestle if that’s what you’re into. The best advice I have for you guys is to make the most of every opportunity to try something new. I’m super excited to meet y’all!

Tucker Stanley

Hey everyone!! Last but not least, I am Tucker Stanley and I am the current Odyssey Webmaster. I’m a Freshman majoring in Computer Science from Arlington Virginia. On a sunny day around campus, you can find me outside enjoying the rays playing spikeball or going on an adventure somewhere. Other than Odyssey I am involved in Cornell’s Engineering Fraternity, Sports Business Club, and College Mentors for Kids. I love hiking and skiing and can talk about sports all day with someone (go Patriots!).

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