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Outdoor Odyssey is a student-run organization. All of our guides are highly trained Cornell undergraduate students from all over the university. We hope you enjoy getting to know our awesome Odyssey Coordinators and a few of our 80+ guides here!

Odyssey 2023 Coordinators

Hello! My name is Isabella Hackett (she/her/hers), and I'm a sophomore from Kansas City, Missouri. I am majoring in Environment & Sustainability and minoring in English. I love hiking, swimming, and just spending time outside! Outside of Odyssey, I teach PE classes for COE, research toothed whales, and hang out with my cat Fish. My favorite part of Outdoor Odyssey is how uniquely welcoming and supportive our community is :) Side note: De Tasty Hot Pot and Koko Korean are my go-to Ithaca restaurant recommendations. I can't wait to meet you!!!!!

Hi everybody! My name is Andrew Estes (he/him/his), and I'm a sophomore studying Electrical & Computer Engineering ('26)! I am currently working on making Odyssey's food practices more sustainable! On campus, I am also a member of the Cornell Nexus Project Team, a team dedicated to creating an autonomous mobile robot that collects microplastics from beaches. Outside of school, you can find me rock climbing hiking, or swimming! Odyssey is such an amazing community!



2023-2024 Odyssey Executive Board

Hello! My name is Caitie Sams (she/her) and I'm from Fort Collins, CO. I'm studying Biology and Chemistry in the College of Arts and Science. I love backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and all things outdoors. I have led the multi-element trip and the finger lakes trip, and have loved my experience in Odyssey for the past 3 years!



Hi everyone! My name is Camille van der Watt (she/her) and I'm a training chair for OO! I'm a senior studying Economics (at least it's not Dyson) and I'm from Long Island, NY (at least it's not Westchester). When I'm outdoors, I love hiking, running, camping, and skiing. Otherwise, I love cooking, being a distraction during OOEB meetings, and taking naps on the couch at 504 Thurston even though I don't live there! 

Hey Everyone!! My name is Rowan Gould and I am currently a sophomore from Hopkinton, MA, majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior. I love to hike, ski, climb, bike, and basically anything else as long as I'm outdoors! I went on the 6 day Catskill trip last summer and it was an awesome way to begin my time at Cornell. I'm excited to be part of this great community and meet everyone soon!


Hi, I'm Lucia Balestrieri (she/her) and I'm the secretary for OO! I grew up in Sleepy Hollow but live in Wisconsin. I study Government, Spanish, and International Relations in A&S. I love to backpack, hike, and swim in most bodies of water. I'm also a big fan of traveling and urban backpacking! I led our 4 day service trip last August and now I'm OOEB (exec board) secretary, so I spend my days writing *Entertaining and Informational* email info dumps for the Odyssey community <3

Hey guys! My name is Adrienne Healy (she/her) and I am a Marketing Officer/ Website Manager for OO! I am currently a sophomore ('26) from Whitefish, MT, majoring in Biology in A&S. I’ve been exploring the great outdoors for as long as I can remember. I love hiking, camping, yoga skiing, and hanging around in my hammock! I simply adore hot tea but have been exploring the world of yerba matte too! I can honestly say OO is very rewarding and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Featured Guides

Hey! I am Johnny Lowry (He/Him) and I'm from southwest VA. I am a sophomore studying chemical engineering, and at Cornell I am mainly a part of the Salsa community. I love anything to do with music, dancing, playing (drums, piano, guitar), or songwriting! I also love the outdoors, especially running and climbing outside.

Hey there, my name is Sebastian Bartnik (He/Him)! I am from Glenwood Springs Colorado and am majoring in Urban and Regional Studies in the College of Architecture Art and Planning. I love being outside and with my friends, hiking and camping trips are always fun. I'm also an avid skier and hockey enthusiast which makes winter my favorite season (although I love them all)!

Hi! I'm Victoria Broughton (she/her) and I'm studying Plant Science ('26) in CALS with a concentration in Native Landscape Restoration. Originally, I'm from Oklahoma but I now enthusiastically call Utah home. Outdoors I enjoy hiking, skiing, kayaking, and playing ultimate frisbee with Cornell Ultimate!!! An incomplete list of things I love includes plants, dark chocolate, my dad's music, cooking, and the desert. Really looking forward to meeting everyone

Heyo! My name is Anna Cerosaletti (she/her) and I'm studying environmental policy ('26!). I’m from Rochester, NY and I love to hang out outside. At Cornell you can find me skiing with the club nordic ski team (but I also really like running!), hanging out with friends, playing/listening to music (I play cello in the Symphony Orchestra), and of course guiding Outdoor Odyssey trips. Super excited to continue the OO adventure!!

Hey y’all! My name is Caroline Park (she/her), and I’m a freshman ('27) studying Information Science. I’m from Greenwich, CT, but I went to high school in Lawrenceville, NJ. I absolutely love doing anything active; figure skating and running are my favorites. Outside of Odyssey, I’m an athlete on the Cornell University Figure Skating Club team and serve as a Big Red Ambassador. My 6 day backpacking trip in the Catskills was hands-down one of the most incredible and transformative experiences of my life, and I’m SO beyond excited to have the honor of guiding my own trip. To my future Trippers: I cannot wait to give you a big red warm welcome to the Cornell & Odyssey family in August and start our forever friendship <3

Hi! I'm Stella Ferguson (she/her) and I am a freshman studying biology in CALS. I am hoping to be a vet and I love animals (pangolins are my favorite). I'm from Los Angeles, California. I love hiking, rock climbing, and canoeing and I am so excited to be a part of Odyssey this summer

Hey guys!! I’m Amatullah Ghor (she/her), a sophomore from Tanzania, studying Applied Economics & Management. I love art, cats and literally anything outdoorsy, be it swimming(especially in the ocean), hiking(I’ve summited Mt. Kilimanjaro) or getting drenched in the rain(therapy fr). On campus you can find me stargazing on the slope, at the gym, eating cereal in the dining halls(life hack: put your cereal in a glass of milk and just drink it) or napping in libraries :) I’m super excited to meet everyone!

Hey, my name is Molly Branigan (she/her) and I am from Concord, MA. I'm studying Information Science and Government in the college of Arts and Sciences. I love skiing, hiking, running, and really anything outdoors. When outdoors and/or on trips I love card games such as hearts, spades, and gin.


Hi, I'm Mira Lamble (she/her)! I'm a freshman from Seattle, WA. My major is biological sciences, and I'm especially interested in ecology, conservation biology, and moss + lichen. I absolutely love spending time outside, especially hiking, rock climbing, and skiing. Also, I like to play violin, go thrifting, and cook/eat soup. (I also climb inside, if that counts?) Please feel free to come say hello and/or tell me your favorite nature fact!

Hey there! I'm Claire Kurisko (she/her) and I'm a freshman studying biology in A&S. I'm from Chester, New Jersey. Besides spending time outside, I love to sing, crochet, and rock climb! A fun fact about me is that I can manage to take a nap almost anywhere! I had an amazing experience with Outdoor Odyssey and I can't wait to share that with you all too!

Hey! I’m Eli Furgeson (he/him)! I'm from Chicago, I'm in the college of Arts & Sciences and undecided on what exactly I'm going to major in. I really love backpacking, trail running, biking, and just being outdoors. I love trees and mushrooms. I used to be grossed out by mushrooms, but I've been learning a lot about them, and it turns out they're super cool. I'm super interested in sustainability and ecology, but also very interested in technology

Hi! My name is Alyssa Miyamoto (she/her) and I'm a junior from Los Angeles studying Human Biology, Health, & Society. Outside of school, I enjoy supervising, officiating, and playing intramural sports; crocheting; and cooking. I'm excited to hike, camp, and explore nature with Outdoor Odyssey! Fun fact: this picture is from my freshman odyssey trip

Hi! My name is Kate Stiens (she/her) and I'm from Cincinnati, OH. I study fashion design in the College of Human Ecology and have a passion for sustainable fashion (follow my upcycling brand @thriftedthreadsbykate on IG!!). Outside of fashion, I love to run, hike, climb, and ski, and I am so excited to guide an Odyssey trip this summer:) I love tacos.

Hi Everybody! My name is Florence Cheung (she/her), and I am from Manhattan, New York City. I am a first year Global Development major in CALS and I am also a certified rescue diver! In my free time I love to journal, swim, surf, go on walks in nature and just do anything spontaneous. I am a huge travel enthusiast and wait to meet everyone.

Hi! My name is Rachel Arena (she/her), I'm a sophomore ('26) majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and I'm from Newtown, CT. Outside of Odyssey I'm involved with Cornell Computer Reuse Association and a project team (Cornell Electric Vehicles). When I'm not busy with class or either of those things, you can find me hiking, climbing, or jumping into random bodies of water! I love the Odyssey community and I'm super excited to keep being a part of it! 

Hello!!! I’m Emily Andersen (she/her) and I’m a Biology Major in the college of arts and sciences. I grew up in the surf city of San Clemente, California, where I spent my time birdwatching, painting, collecting insects, and backpacking in Yosemite. Here at Cornell I play the trombone in the Big Red Marching Band, Pep Band, and Symphony Orchestra, and am also on the sport Taekwondo team. Looking forward to meeting you all

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