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Outdoor Odyssey is a student-run organization. All of our guides are highly trained Cornell undergraduate students from all over the university. We hope you enjoy getting to know our awesome Odyssey Coordinators and a few of our 80+ guides here!

Odyssey 2022 Coordinators


Hi! My name is Old Chicken, well really it’s Claire Blaudeau but that’s my trail name. I am a senior studying environmental engineering. I love backpacking, trail running, kayaking and canoeing! So much so that I took a semester off to hike the Appalachian Trail. Believe it or not, my first ever backpacking trip was when I went on my Odyssey trip freshman year. My fun fact is that I got so into baking last semester that my housemates banned me from baking anymore oat bars so I outsourced them to my other friends!

Hi! My name is Euna Carpenter! I am a senior majoring in Human Development from Philadelphia, PA. I am studying on the premed track and would love to work in wilderness medicine or Pediatrics! I love Odyssey because it brought me a community of like minded-nature loving people that have shaped my Cornell experience! I love to backpack, hike, water ski and hammock outside. Watching the sunset on the slope is a favorite of mine!

2022 Odyssey Executive Board

Olivia Weinberg

Hi, my name is Olivia Weinberg and Im a senior majoring in environment and sustainability and international agriculture. I loove cooking, eating, surfing and plants, especially plant propagating. Im from Briarcliff Manor, NY aka 45 minutes outside the city aka westchester. You can usually find me napping in my hammock, doing work in Zeus/Mann or sitting on the floor somewhere (I love the floor). I would love to get to know you all so please reach out if you want to sit on the floor or climb (my skills are a work in progress) or create something (I have a copious amount of art supplies)! If I were a vegetable, I’d be a broccoli :)

Dylan Rodgers

Hi! My name is Dylan Rodgers and I am a junior Environment and Sustainability major in CALS pursuing a minor in Community Food Systems. I love plants and all things outdoors. I grew up in Colorado and will eternally be on the quest for the perfect granola. I love the Outdoor Odyssey community and commitment to making an easy transition for new Cornell students! 

jessica huang

Hi Everyone! My name is Jessica Huang, and I'm from Pennington, NJ. I'm a Senior majoring in Human Development with a minor in Health Policy. I am Selections co-chair along with Ethan. My favorite outdoor activities are rock climbing and skiing. When I'm not outside I love cooking, painting, and exploring Ithaca with friends. What I love about Odyssey is definitely the amazing and unique community it creates. Nothing gets people closer than spending time in the woods together! A fun fact about me is that I take my cat out on walks.


Hi! My name is Ethan Stanley and I'm a sophomore from Arlington, Virginia majoring in Computer Science. You can normally find me running around outside, whether it be playing spikeball or soccer, playing in the snow, or going on a long run. I am Selections co-chair along with Jessica and outside of Odyssey I am involved in AguaClara, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, and Cornell's Triathlon Club. I'm excited to meet you all and share my love for the outdoors with you!


Hey! My name's Camille van der Watt and I'm one of the two Odyssey secretaries this year with Alex. I'm a sophomore majoring in Economics, and I'm from Long Island, NY. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are going to the beach and swimming in the ocean (Long Island, duh!), hiking, and skiing. A fun fact about me is that I taught myself how to play the tuba in high school just so I could get into the honors band and go on their trip to Disney. And it was TOTALLY worth it. Anyway, if you're thinking about going on an Outdoor Odyssey trip or becoming a guide - DO IT! It's such an amazing community that I'm so happy to be a part of, so I hope to see you around!

Vada Andrews

Hey y'all! I'm Vada Andrews and I am a sophomore from Austin, Texas studying animal science and Jewish studies. I hope to be a vet one day and would love to hear about any cool animal facts you have. Outside of class I am involved with sled dog research, Cornell Hillel, and occasional clarinet playing. I am social chair and half of marketing for Odyssey.

Andrew Tseng

Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Tseng (he/him/his), one of the Odyssey Training Chairs. I am a junior from the San Francisco Bay Area studying Industrial and Labor Relations and minoring in Business and Economics. This semester, I am remotely working for a business and employment law firm in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Regarding Odyssey, I participated as a tripper in 2018 and guided a rock-back trip in 2019. Outside of classes and work, I love long-distance running, backpacking, climbing, and reading.  


Hi my name is Claire Kenwood and I’m from the Chicagoland area. I’m currently a senior in Civil Engineering and am pursuing a masters in Sustainable Energy Systems. Outside of school I love playing sports (hit me up if you want to join the Footvolley team), cooking, doing puzzles, and eating cinnamon toast crunch. My fun fact is that I’m a French citizen but I’m much better at speaking English in a French accent than actually speaking French!

Kion Yaghoobzadeh

Hey y’all! My name’s Kion Yaghoobzadeh and I’m a sophomore from Westchester, NY. I’m an Environment & Sustainability major and one of the Odyssey Training Chairs. I love everything outdoorsy—backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding—you name it. I’m involved in a couple of non-partisan political groups on campus so feel free to talk to me about that. I also do jiu jitsu and used to wrestle if that’s what you’re into. The best advice I have for you guys is to make the most of every opportunity to try something new. I’m super excited to meet y’all! 

Tucker Stanley

Hey everyone!! I am Tucker Stanley and I am the current Odyssey Webmaster. I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science from Arlington Virginia. On a sunny day around campus, you can find me outside enjoying the sun playing spikeball or going on an adventure somewhere. Other than Odyssey I am involved in Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, Cornell Design and Tech Initiative, and the Spikeball/Running clubs. I love hiking and skiing and can talk about sports all day with someone (go Patriots!).


Hi hello howdy! My name is Anabella Maria Galang and I’m currently a junior studying biological sciences & business with a minor in inequality studies. If I were an animal I’d probably be a key deer because I’m really short, curious, and from south Florida. Around campus, I’m involved with VR research, the Steminist Movement, and entrepreneurship. I love climbing, writing poetry, looking at the stars, and making new friends!

Featured Guides

Rollin Leavitt

Hey! My name's Rollin Leavitt (He/Him) and I'm a biological engineering major from southwest Colorado. I love climbing, music, chess, and bumblebees! If I'm not in lab or asleep, you can find me climbing and setting at the Lindseth Climbing Center on campus!


Heyyyoo. I'm Liv Cramer and I'm from Niwot, Colorado, pretty close to Boulder. I'm a sophomore studying International Agriculture and Rural Development. Fun fact--my absolute favorite food is a half sour kosher dill pickle and I've taken 2 gap years! Outside of school, I love to ski, read, play soccer, and generally sit next to bodies of water. My favorite part of odyssey is the incredible community it fosters! I hope you'll join us:)

OO Hayden Wolfe

Hello!!! My name is Hayden Wolfe, I’m a current sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and I’m from Denver, CO. I love playing guitar, and just about any outdoor activity, especially skiing, rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, and hiking! I’ve also taught both rock and ice climbing classes here at Cornell, and I’m a huge car guy and work on Cornell’s Formula SAE Racing project team. I love solving problems and trying anything new!

Hannah Barnes

My name is Hannah Barnes, and I’m a senior majoring in Psychology! I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and love hiking in the Blue Ridge Parkway when I’m home :) I’m both an Odyssey hiking guide and a guide for Overland Summers!! Besides Odyssey, I am also on EARS full-time staff and love talking to people about any issue they may have a Cornell. Odyssey has brought me some of my biggest hype-women and best friends. It truly allows me to be myself and get outside after class!

Lauren Cody

Hi! I'm Lauren Cody and I am a junior from Rochester, NY majoring in biological sciences and minoring in environment and sustainability! I love bugs, books, and being outside, whether it's running, hiking, or lying in the sun. As a freshman, I went on a 4-day service trip through Odyssey, and I led 4-day backpacking in the Finger Lakes during the summer of 2021 with my two amazing co-guides. This spring I will be studying sustainable development in Thailand! A fun fact about me is that I have a journal that I've written in every day for the past 7 years.

ashira OO

Hey! My name is Ashira Weinreich and I'm a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA. I'm majoring in World Cultural Medicine in the College Scholar Program in CAS. I have always loved anything and everything involved with the outdoors, from surfing to backpacking to cliff jumping to just picnicking with friends. You can catch me playing frisbee in the arts quad or skating around campus on my cruiser. I can't wait to meet you guys and share my tips and tricks on adventuring around Ithaca!


Hi everyone! My name is Bella Threlkeld, and I am a sophomore studying History and Economics in A&S. I love rock climbing (I practically live at the Lindseth Climbing Center), listening to music (shoutout to Cornell Concert Commission), and hanging out with my friends (on Wednesdays, we watch Survivor). I am from Fresno, California, and grew up an hour away from some of the best nature had to offer… including Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks! I love Cornell, especially Odyssey’s commitment to embracing the madness of it all, and everything outdoors… except mosquitos, I’m not a fan of those. I can’t wait to meet y’all!

andrew juan

Heyooo! My name is Andrew Juan and I am currently a freshman ('25) studying Healthcare Policy with minors in Law and Society and Science Communication and Public Engagement! I'm from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and I've done a wide variety of outdoor activities, from kayaking/canoeing on local lake to rucking outdoors in sweltering heat as part of a military summer camp I did a couple of years ago! I was part of the multi-element trip the summer before freshman year. I'm a big foodie, so you know that our meals on trips together have got to be good!

grace maines

Hey everyone! My name is Grace Maines. I am a sophomore from Ashford, Connecticut, studying Global and Public Health, and minoring in Inequality Studies & Econ. A fun fact is that my last name is the state of Maine plural (Maines) and coincidentally I go to Maine all the time. Second fun fact is photo creds go to a fellow OO guide! I love all things outdoors, but some of my favorites are running, hiking, biking and skiing (snow skiing is superior to water skiing but I do both). I also love to read, write, and I work at a non-profit that supports people who are incarcerated. Super excited to meet you all!!


Hey Guys! My name is Jimmy Cawley and Im from Ithaca, NY (Townie, I know). Im majoring in government and a fun fact about me is that I appeared on Soulja Boy's instagram in December. Some of my favorite outdoor activities include cycling, soccer, and riding my scooter around campus. My favorite thing about Odyssey is that most people find a few people on their trip that become some of their closest friends throughout college. If I had to pick a favorite thing to do on campus, I would choose spending way too much time at dinner when I have an abundance of work because I'm catching up with friends.


Hey! I'm Bridget Neely, and I'm a sophomore studying chemistry with a minor in education. I'm from Reston in nova (the fun nickname for northern virginia). I went backpacking for the first time in middle school and loved it, so I am thrilled to be guiding! If I'm not studying in PSB, I spend lots of time skiing at Greek Peak and also enjoy running, climbing, yoga, and indoor cycling. In fact, the first time i used my current skis was down the slope! I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Vinayak Ganesan

Hi! My name is Vinayak Ganesan (Vinny) and I am a Sophomore ('24) studying Biometry and Statistics. I am from Plainsboro New Jersey and love anything with the outdoors from backpacking to scuba diving. On campus I am on the club fencing team, Alpha Epsilon Delta a pre-med frat, and also am part of the effective altruism club. I had a blast on my transfer trip and I hope get to know you all soon!

Jackson Andrews

What's up Odyssey! My name is Jackson Andrews and I'm a class of '25 from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts double majoring in Government and Information Science. My chief joy and outdoorsy passion is skiing, and since I'm from Massachusetts I'm a die hard ice coast fan. I also love hiking and rock climbing, and I'm working at the Lindseth Climbing Center this spring semester. My hot take is that I'm a pretty massive Boston sports fan, no matter what sport or team it is. Excited to see you all out there this summer!

devin perlo

Hey, everyone! My name is Devin Perlo, and I am a junior in the College of Architecture, Art and Planning studying Urban and Regional Studies. I'm originally from right outside of Boston, but I'm proud to be able to call Ithaca my home, and soon you will, too! While I may be new to Odyssey this year, I'm certainly not new to the great outdoors. I’ll take any and all excuse to get outside, but you can usually find me hiking (any geocachers or letterboxers out there?), paddling, or just hanging out in my hammock around campus. Fun fact: I can beat you in limbo... being short helps.

Natalie Brennan

Hi! My name is Natalie Brennan (she/her), and I am currently a sophomore majoring in entomology ('24)! I'm from the most Southington of Connecticut and am passionate about anything outdoors, but I really find the most excitement in going for late, nighttime hikes. I also love spending time with my friends, ugly shirts, dumb jokes, dad rock, tea, and (obviously) insects. When not squirreled away in the bowels of Comstock or staring into oblivion in Mann, I am most likely making noises for my a cappella group. I am so excited to continue being a part of the Odyssey community and to meet more fun, funky, fresh folks!

Dashiel Handler

Hi! My name is Dashiel Handler, and I’m an Environment and Sustainability major in CALS. I’m from New York City, and I am super passionate about the environment and spending time in nature. My favorite outdoor activities are fly-fishing and backpacking. I also love music and I spend most of my free time playing the guitar. Can’t wait to meet you!

Ben Neuwirth

Hey there, I'm Ben Neuwirth, a freshman from Richmond, VA! I'm majoring in computer science in the College of Arts and Sciences. I love going on adventures in the outdoors, whether that's backpacking, day hiking, climbing, or kayaking. I can bake a solid loaf of bread in the backcountry, and I'm always trying to improve my cooking game on a camp stove. Looking forward to guiding some of you on a trip this summer!

Jenn Munson

My name is Jenn Muson, I’m a junior in CALS studying environmental engineering, and I’m from Belmont, Massachusetts. I like hiking, kayaking, and spending time outside, and I love the opportunities Outdoor Odyssey gives me to meet and connect with new people. Outside of OO, I love music, and help organize concerts here at Cornell with the Cornell Concert Commission. My biggest flex is that I got to interview Phoebe Bridgers on zoom last year!

Martin Brice

Hi! I’m Martin Brice (he/him) and I’m a landscape architecture major from Minnesota. I enjoy art and nature, especially when they overlap, and engage with them through printmaking, Nordic skiing, watercolor, running, sketching, collage, and backpacking. In my spare time I like perusing eBay for outdoor gear, and always use it correctly and seriously (pictured modeling yaktrax). Looking forward to sharing & exchanging outdoor wisdom/enthusiasm with the Odyssey fam!

Prameela Kottapalli

Hi! I’m Prameela Kottapalli. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California before moving to New York City. I’m a junior studying immigration-incarceration as a College Scholar in Arts & Sciences. On campus, I lead the Cornell Anti-Detention Alliance, an org dedicated to migrant justice advocacy, and I’m also part of Polis, Cornell’s pre-government fraternity. In my free time I enjoy cooking, watching movies, and writing slam poetry, and whitewater rafting will always be my favorite outdoor activity. Odyssey has been a huge part of my growth at Cornell and I love sharing that experience with trippers!

Mikayla Lin

Hi! My name is Mikayla Lin. I'm a sophomore studying Fiber Science from Mill Valley, California. I love trail running, climbing, backpacking and pretty much anything else that gets me outdoors. I'm also super into sewing my own clothes/backpacks and doing other crafty things :) Excited to be a part of Odyssey!

Maria Lima Valdez

Hello peeps!! My name is Maria Lima Valdez and I am currently a freshman ('25) in CAS. I hope to major in Government and have a minor in Latino/a studies. I am from Brooklyn, NY, but I also spent many years living in Mexico :) My two favorite foods are enchiladas verdes and a good bacon eggs and cheese. I love going on walks around trees and natural landscapes and sometimes chase squirrels to take pictures of them LOL. Some of the things I am involved on campus are MECHA, RSC, MEXSA. I can't wait to welcome you into our inclusive and fun family at Odyssey!!!!!

Toby Lidov

Hey guys! My name is Toby Lidov and I will be a senior majoring in Environment and Sustainability in CALS, with an emphasis on aquatic ecology and conservation. This will be f=my first year guiding with Odyssey, and I am so stoked! I grew up in Denver, Colorado, so I spent lots of time exploring the mountains. At Cornell, I am involved in research, I play for the Ultimate Frisbee team, and I also help run the Cornell Outing Club. When I'm in the outdoors, I love to fish, participate in marathon canoe races, and of course I love to hike! My goal is to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail sometime after graduation.

Claire Schmucker

Hiya! My name is Claire Schmucker and I am a sophomore in CALS studying Environment and Sustainability. I’m from outside of Philadelphia, but spend quite a bit of time in a rural fishing village in Nova Scotia. On campus you can find me hammocking, cooking, at Dilmun Hill farm, or sorting plant specimens in the Herbarium. In addition to all things outdoors I spend my time making art (ceramics, collage, block printing) and I dabble in circus arts (flying trapeze and aerial silks); I’m on the seemingly never-ending quest to learn how to ride a unicycle… See you on the trails!

Casey Walike

I’m Casey Walike and I’m from Honeoye Falls, New York which is just outside of Rochester. I’m studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Public Policy. My favorite outdoor activities include anything that gets me outside but at the top of the list is definitely biking, running, and hiking. But when the snow falls you will find me on the slopes downhill skiing or cross country skiing. I love visiting the Adirondacks and aspire to be a 46er someday. I love outdoor Odyssey because it has introduced me to a fantastic group of people who are as crazy for the outdoors as I am and they have cool trips too! When I’m in Ithaca, I love exploring all of its natural areas and, each semester, I never fail to find somewhere new!

Sierra Burror

Hi! My name is Sierra Burror, I'm a freshman studying Biology and Environmental Science in CALS, with a minor in Environmental Economics, so kinda big on the environment. I grew up in Bishop CA, in the Sierra Nevadas, so I love all things outdoors, backpacking, climbing, skiing (in all it's forms), and especially running. I love the Oddessy community and their commitment to take people where they are at. Every challenge is by choice!

Sylvan Martin

Hey! I'm Sylvan Martin, I'm from Laurel Maryland and I'm majoring in Math and Computer Science. I've been hiking and climbing for the majority of my life, so I always love going to Lindseth, Monkey Run, or Greek Peak. My Odyssey trip was the 8-day Adirondacks trip and it was some of the most fun I've had, so I can't wait to lead a backpacking trip! I also am a fan of Risley dining hall, and Plum Tree.

Brenner Beard

Hi everyone! My name is Brenner Beard and I'm a sophomore studying Government and International Relations! Outside of Odyssey, I'm also on the opinion staff for the Cornell Daily Sun Newspaper, on the secretariat for CMUNC, working in the Office of Student Government Relations, and involved in Air Force ROTC. When I'm not overwhelmed with work or participating in any of these clubs, I love tossing a frisbee, hanging out with my friends, petting dogs, and playing guitar. My absolute FAVORITE outdoor activity is running (I'm on the Cornell Triathlon team)! Can't wait to meet y'all!

Tommy Christen

Hi! My name is Tommy Christen and I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences, with minors in Human Development and Global Health. I grew up in Ithaca, so I can definitely answer any questions that you might have abut the area. I love pretty much any outdoor activity, including camping, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing. My favorite part about odyssey is the amazing friends that I have made both as a tripper and as a guide. A fun fact about me is that I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2021 (check out the TikToK account @hikerhypehouse).

William Huey

Hey, I'm Will Huey and I'm a freshman from Storrs, Connecticut studying Computer Science. My favorite part of the outdoors is reaching the summit of a mountain, but I also love skiing, cycling, climbing, and camping. On campus, I'm also involved with the Cornell Electric Vehicles project team. A fun fact about me is that I've never lost a hot sauce eating competition!

Julianne Berry-Stoelzle

Hi! My name is Julianne Berry-Stoelzle and I’m a freshman from Iowa City, Iowa. My intended major is Material Science and Engineering. I love sailing, swimming and hiking as well as generally exploring the area around Cornell’s campus. A fun fact about me is that my first time in a canoe was my Outdoor Odyssey trip this past summer. (Turns out that canoes are not that different from kayaks, just more comfortable.)

Lincoln Stranger

Howdy! My name is Lincoln Stranger, and I am a sophomore from Naples, FL, majoring in Computer Science and pursuing minors in Business and Applied Economics. My favorite outdoor activities are hanging out at the beach, rock climbing, and skiing. But I also love to read, discover new music, and pick up new hobbies (currently I'm learning to play guitar). My favorite part of Odyssey is definitely the community. I've met some of my closest friends through being involved with Odyssey, and I can't wait to make more!

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