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Request a CTLC Program

A team on a portable element with CTLC

Interested in booking a teambuilding program? The best way to get started is to fill out the form below.

Our office staff will get back to you within a week. Feel free to follow up by sending an email to

Please write in either a specific date or a range of dates.
Length of Program
Scavenger Hunt or Workshop only
not enough time for combination low and high element programs
Camping at the ropes course
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Type of Group *
Other College or University
Professional group
High School age or younger
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Where will your program take place?
Outdoor ropes course in Freeville NY
You select a location (this only applies to scavenger hunts and portable programs)
Zoom preferred
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Get to know our facilities by visitng:
What type of program are you interested in?
Indoor or outdoor ropes course actvities, Portable Program
Indoor or outdoor ropes course
Indoor or outdoor ropes course
Scavenger Hunt, Portable Teambuilding
In-class Leadership Workshop Series, Leadership Assessement, EQi2, MBTI, etc.
Online teambuilding for groups that are not meeting in-person
Visit this page to learn about our program offerings:
Are any participants under the age of 18?
Participants who are under the age of 18 and are NOT Cornell students will need to have their parent or guardian sign a waiver before they can participate in a CTLC program. When we schedule your program we'll send out this waiver form. The program contact is responsible for collecting all of the signed waivers and giving them to the CTLC lead facilitator before the program begins.
What goals do you have for your group during your time with us?
Are you planning to have lunch during the program? Are there any participants with physical limitations? Do you have your own transportation arranged? Will there be any people attending but not participating?