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Cornell University

Rock Climbing

Climber outdoors at Peterskill

The COE Rock Climbing program has something to offer for every climber! There are PE courses for those who have never climbed before or those looking for guidance for how to sport lead climb or wanting to train to reach the next level. We also have a new intermediate course and a limited-edition self-conducted conditioning course. No matter where you would like to take your climbing, COE has the class to help you progress!

For questions about Rock Climbing courses, please contact Andrew McLaughlin.

PE 1640: Basic Rock Climbing

PE 1641: BIPOC Rock Climbing

PE 1642: Women's Basic Rock Climbing

PE 1646: Intermediate Rock Climbing

PE 1647: Sport Lead Climbing

PE 1650: Technique and Training

PE 1639: Rock Climbing Conditioning

PE 1651: Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing (Cancelled Spring 2021)

PE 1653: Shawangunks Rock Climbing (Cancelled Spring 2021)

PE 1654: Ice Climbing

Wellness Rock Climbing