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Cornell University

Backpacking and Camping

Stars seen through the treetops above

Come spend the night in the woods with COE! COE Backpacking and Camping classes offer opportunities for single and multi day excursions in and around campus and Tompkins county. Classes have varying ranges of commitment and often focus on both general and specific skills to provide the beginner or expert with an enjoyable group camping experience with others.

For questions about Backpacking and Camping courses, please contact Chris Leeming.

PE 1601: Backcountry Cooking (Cancelled Spring 21) 

PE 1607: Backcountry Photography (Cancelled Spring 21) 

PE 1610: Backpacking in the Finger Lakes (Cancelled Spring 21) 

PE 1616: Introduction to Camping 

PE 1613: Wilderness Survival Skills (Cancelled Spring 21)