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Reserving Bailey Hall

Reservation Procedures

  1. Any registered independent or university organization, university department, or other university affiliated group may request the use of Bailey Hall.
  2. Requests shall be made using the 25Live Scheduling System no less than six (6) weeks prior to the requested event date. All requests are subject to availability and appropriateness of structure (see Approval Structure below). Any request made within six (6) weeks prior to use will not be honored.
  3. All Bailey Hall requests for use remain tentative until the requesting individual or organization receives an email confirmation.

Approval Structure

There are four (4) categories of requesters for Bailey Hall. They are listed below in the order in which requests will be honored and approved.

  1. Academic Instructional — This category includes university classes whose enrollment or other considerations make it appropriate for them to be held in the hall.
  2. Academic Non-instructional — This category includes presidential addresses, convocations, commencement related events, lectures, seminars and presentations. For consideration at this level the event must be organized by a specific college and/or program.
  3. Non-academic Departmental Sponsored — This category includes lectures, seminars and presentations. Examples include Orientation, Office of Human Resources presentation of benefits, Cornell Concert Series, etc.
  4. Other Non-academic Programs — This category includes Cornell Concert Commission events, registered student organizations, etc.