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Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping requires prior registration. To request an encampment permit, please submit your request at the 25Live Scheduling site at

The following rules apply to all Encampment Permits:

Authorized Location:  You may camp only in the area between Day Hall and Sage Chapel and on top of the Cornell Store.  No other location is permitted.  

Duration:  Camping is only permitted for the authorized time period granted and under no circumstance will camping be permitting for longer than seven days.   The university may direct you to leave sooner if warranted by health and safety concerns.  

Participants:  Only members of the Cornell community (students, faculty, and staff) are permitted to camp on university property.  All campers must show university ID upon request to demonstrate their status as Cornell community members.  Anyone who is not a Cornell community member will be directed to leave. 

Health and Safety:  

  • No pets
  • No fires or camp stoves.
  • No public urination or waste buckets.  Public restrooms in adjoining facilities will be available to campers.  
  • No refuse.  Keep your camp area free of garbage.

If you do not comply with any of the foregoing rules, your encampment permit will be immediately revoked and you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards or other appropriate administrative offices.