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Placing a Tent on the Ithaca Campus

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your upcoming event when considering a tent, please refer to the details provided at the Facilities and Campus Services website. If you require further assistance with event planning and logistics, do not hesitate to contact Facilities Event Support ( For specific guidelines regarding tent setup and safety, please visit the EHS Tent Permit page: Tent Permits | Environment, Health and Safety (

Tent Location Process

Many campus partners were engaged to determine the best tent sites on the Ithaca Cornell campus. Every tent site needed to be accessible for all guests and within 200’ of a fire lane in order to be considered an approved tent site. Once all approved sites were identified, the Tent Location Team reviewed each site to determine the best practice for location. For more information, visit the FCS Tent Location website.

Please reach out to Facilities Event Support ( for more information regarding tent planning and logistics.