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University Events Team

The University Events Team (UET - formerly Events Management Planning Team, or EMPT) is a group of Cornell University administrators who provide guidance and support to you (and your organization) during the event planning process. UET is made up of representatives from various offices throughout the University including Conference & Event Services, Campus Activities, Cornell Police, Environment, Health & Safety, Risk Management & Insurance, Parking & Transportation Services, and University Relations. UET members are often the approvers for your event via the 25Live Scheduling System.

UET meets on Thursdays at 3:00 pm (as needed). Until further notice, UET is meeting virtually via Zoom. These meetings allow event planners the opportunity to consult directly with university officials about their events, and often result in obtaining approvals for their Event Registration Process/Form, and 25Live.

Note: UET members meet on an as-needed basis throughout the year with students, faculty, and staff who are planning events. Email UET or call (607) 25-EVENT (253-8368) for more information regarding the UET meeting schedule, or to be placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

UET Membership

Joe Scaffido (Chair)
Conference & Event Services
206 Robert Purcell Community Center | | (607) 253-8368
General event planning; contracts; large-scale events

John Earl
Parking & Transportation Services
116 Maple Avenue | | (607) 255-9896
Parking/Transportation; TCAT

Dustin Freely
Cornell Dining & Cornell Catering
Toni Morrison Hall | | (607) 255-9725
Food Safety; catering; events with food and alcohol

Michele Johnson
Parking & Transportation Services
116 Maple Avenue | | (607) 254-8291 
Parking/Transportation; TCAT

Brian Kerry
Conference & Event Services
206 Robert Purcell Community Center | | (607) 253-8368
25Life Scheduling System; reservations in WSH/Community Centers; 

Kyle Kubick
University Relations
115 Day Hall | | (607) 255-7117
Cornell University branding; copyright/trademark; filming/photography on campus

Jennifer Lovell
Conference & Event Services
206 Robert Purcell Community Center | | (607) 253-8368
25Life Scheduling System

Rebecca Valli
Media Relations
312 College Ave., Suite A | | (607) 254-4799
Press & media relations; Cornell Daily Sun

Julie Parsons
Facilities Management
116 Humphries Service Building | | (607) 255-3751 
Permits; equipment rental (tables, chairs, tents, etc.); shops (electrical, grounds, carpenters, etc.)

Barbara Romano
Conference & Event Services
206 Robert Purcell Community Center | | (607) 255-6290
​​​​​​​General event planning; events with alcohol

Kyle Schillace
Campus Activities
526 Willard Straight Hall | | (607) 255-0619
​​​​​​​Student organization events; general event planning

Michael Scott
Cornell Police
Barton Hall | | (607) 255-7304 
​​​​​​​Safety & security; Cornell Police and outside security staffing

Ron Flynn 
University Fire Marshall's Office
201 Palm Road | | (607) 254-1627
​​​​​​​General event safety; permits; fire safety; food trucks

Nakeschi Watkins 
Risk Management & Insurance
East Hill Office Building, Ste. 330 | | (607) 254-1575 
​​​​​​​Insurance; events with alcohol; general event safety & risk management; approved vendors/caterers; events with youth/minors