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Bailey Hall Policies

These polices are an overview of the Bailey Hall policies. A more detailed and comprehensive list will be reviewed during a meeting where the event organizer will sign a Usage Agreement. The Usage Agreement is a contract between Bailey Hall and the organization using Bailey Hall.

Ticketing Policy

Tickets may not be sold outside of the Bailey Hall ticketing system. Arrangements may be made to advance tickets under a consignment agreement. These tickets will be the sole responsibility of the contracted individual. Consigned tickets that are unaccounted for are the sole responsibility of the undersigned representative. For every event, tickets must be issued, whether free or paid. All ticketing arrangements must be made with the Bailey Hall Box Office no less than four (4) weeks prior to the event date. All ticketing fees will be settled with the event organizer directly after the event or at a mutually agreed upon time. Patrons can reserve tickets online at

Lobby Policy - Banners, Signs, Postings

Event organizers who wish to hang banners in the lobby must gain approval through the Operations Manager. There can be no taping of posters or notices to any painted surface.

Auditorium Policy

Audio Recording

There should be no audio recording of any event without prior written consent. There can be no “board feeds” without two (2) weeks written consent.


There should be no flash photography during performances. Photographs may be taken with written consent from the event organizer prior to the event. Any professional photographer must be identified to the House Manager, Technical Director and Operations Manager.

Disruptive Behavior

Any individual or group whose behavior is deemed disruptive by the production team will be asked to discontinue the objectionable behavior. If the behavior persists the individual or group will be asked to leave the auditorium.

Food & Beverage

Food or beverages are prohibited inside the auditorium. Beverages are permitted on stage for performers only.

Hazers/foggers/open flame/lighter than air balloons

Hazers, foggers and/or similar devices and/or pyrotechnics or open flame of any kind cannot be used in Bailey Hall. Due to very sophisticated and sensitive fire alarm systems, there can be no lighter than air balloons in Bailey Hall.

Late Seating

All events will begin at their published start times. Late seating is at the discretion of the production management team. Late seating will occur at an appropriate time. Patrons who are late will be seated by an ushering staff member at the back of the house in the nearest empty seat. The patron may move to their assigned seat after an intermission.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items may be recovered at the box office within 24 hours of the event. After 24 hours, all lost and found items will be brought to the Cornell University Police lost and found located in G8 Barton Hall. Bailey Hall and Cornell University claim no responsibility for lost, forgotten or stolen items.


New York State law prohibits smoking inside Bailey Hall and within 25 feet of any entrance.


All Bailey Hall attendees two (2) years old or greater must hold a physical ticket regardless of whether the event is free or paid. Guardians of children whose behavior is inconsistent with the performance atmosphere will be asked to remove the child from the auditorium until such time as the child can adhere to proper behavior. Strollers are not permitted in the auditorium. There is a designated stroller area where strollers will be kept during performances.

Video Recording

There should be no video recording of any event without prior written consent.

General Information

ADA Accessibility

Patrons with limited mobility may gain access to Bailey Hall through the entrance to the lower lobby at the southwest corner of the building (to the left of the main doors as you face Bailey Hall from the plaza). Performers with limited mobility may enter through an entrance in the northeast corner of the building. There is an elevator in the lobby for patrons’ use and an elevator in the northeast part of the building for performers’ use. A small lift in the auditorium may be used to transfer guests to and from the orchestra level.There are hearing assist devices available though the Box Office. There is no charge for the use of these devices, however, some form of collateral is required during pick up to ensure the unit's safe return to the Box Office.


Parking at Bailey Hall is by permit only. One temporary permit per event is available through the Operation Manager's office only. Equipment vehicles may park in the loading dock. Any truck of 35' long will not be permitted to park in the Bailey Hall loading dock. Arrangements for parking trucks and buses longer than 35' near Bailey Hall can be made. There is no parking in front of Bailey Hall. The Bailey Plaza is for pedestrian traffic only.