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What's Included in Your Housing License

This information is relevant to all residence halls, Program Houses, West Campus Houses, and graduate/professional student communities. Amenities in Cornell's cooperative residences may vary by community. Please contact the co-ops directly for more information about the amenities offered in each house.


Basic Furniture Measurements

(Based on standard furniture stock; furniture may vary by building)

  • Bed Frame - 36" x 85"
  • Wardrobe - 36" x 24" x 78" (34" x 60" inside wardrobe; 44" below bar; 21" from ceiling to top of wardrobe). 
  • Drawers - 6" deep
  • Desk - 45" x 24" x 30"
  • Dresser - 36" x 20" x 30"

Undergraduate Communities: 

Student rooms have an extra-long twin bed, desk, desk chair, desk lamp, bureau or wardrobe, and wastebasket for each occupant. The windows have drapes, shades, or blinds. Buildings have shared kitchens containing a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. 
Each Townhouse apartment has its own kitchen with a refrigerator and stove (no microwave), and a dining/living room with a table and chairs, loveseat, two cushioned chairs, coffee table, end tables, and lamps.

The suites in the newer West Campus House System buildings each have a sitting room with a sofa, chair, end tables, and coffee table. Most rooms across campus are fully carpeted. 

Graduate / Professional Student Communities:

Graduate units are rented furnished, except for a limited number of units in Hasbrouck, which can be rented unfurnished. 

Single-student housing units:

Bedroom furnishings in Hasbrouck include an extra-long single bed, nightstand, desk with a chair and a lamp, chest of drawers, bookshelf, waste basket, and draperies or window shades. Apartment living rooms typically have a two-seat sofa, end table, coffee table, and one or two chairs. The studio apartment is furnished with a refrigerator and stove in the kitchen area, and in the living quarters an extra long single bed, two-seat sofa, two end tables, coffee table, TV table, lamp, three-drawer dresser, and a dining table with two chair.

Hasbrouck family / partner units:

Furnishings at Hasbrouck vary slightly between the one- and two-bedroom apartments and the studio apartments. In a typical two-bedroom unit, the living room has a two-seat sofa, two side chairs, a coffee table, end table, TV table, and lamp. The dining area has a table with four chairs, and the kitchen has a refrigerator and stove (no microwave). The large bedroom has a queen-size bed, five-drawer dresser, nightstand, and lamp. The small bedroom has a single bed (an additional single bed can be "bunked" above it, to accommodate two children), a three-drawer dresser, nightstand, desk with a chair, bookshelf, and lamp. The one-bedroom apartment has a queen-size bed, five-drawer dresser, nightstand, and lamp.



Undergraduate residences: As a general rule, student rooms in the undergraduate residences are not air-conditioned. However, some residents who require adaptive housing for health issues or allergies are provided with air-conditioned rooms. Our newest residences are designed to maintain a temperature between 70 and 75 degrees, using both passive and mechanical cooling strategies, to ensure comfort and energy efficiency.

Graduate / professional student residences: Hasbrouck residents may purchase window air-conditioning units that meet university guidelines, but there is a fee to cover installation and removal, plus additional utility consumption. Please visit your Service Center for more information.  


Cornell's wireless Internet service is available in all rooms and apartments. Please refer to the IT@Cornell Wi-Fi webpage for assistance in connecting to Cornell's secure wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
Residence halls will not have access to Cornell's wired network. Residence halls are Wi-Fi communities. Students should connect to eduroam or RedRover network. If you are experiencing connectivity issues with wireless service, please visit the IT support webpage for assistance. You are also able to visit to fill in the signal strength field at the bottom of the page. This will help IT to identify Wi-Fi strength in your room/area. The first 250 Gigabytes (GB) per month of Internet use is included in your room fee. Internet use beyond 250 GB per month incurs a network usage-based billing (NUBB) fee. Please visit the IT@Cornell NUBB webpage for more information.


Phone Service 

Undergraduate communities:  Local telephone service may be provided in each student room, apartment, or suite on a fee-for-service basis, except in some small residences. Long-distance costs are your responsibility. Misuse of pin codes issued by the University can result in disciplinary action. To inquire about phone jack activation, fees, and billing, visit Cornell Information Technologies

Graduate/professional student communities: For residents of Hasbrouck, local telephone service is included in the housing rate. All students are billed monthly on their university bursar accounts for long-distance service and toll calls. Other long-distance or international phone services may be obtained by using telephone cards. Cell phone services are available through The Cornell Store


Television Service  

All community TV lounges have wide-screen TVs with either cable or satellite television service. Residents of the Townhouse Apartments and Hasbrouck can subscribe to Spectrum Cable TV in their own apartments. Other residents should use an online option available to them to view their favorite programs using their computer. Please be aware that Internet use beyond 200 GB per month incurs a network usage-based billing (NUBB) fee. 


Shared and Communal Bathroom Cleaning  

All facilities that have shared or communal bathrooms will have regularly scheduled cleaning. Communal bathrooms will be cleaned daily and shared in-suite bathrooms will be cleaned and stocked on a schedule agreed upon by the suite occupants.


Electrical Usage 

PLEASE NOTE that hand-held hair dryers often exceed the power limit in bedrooms and should be used in bathrooms only. In the older buildings on campus, using multiple appliances at once in your room (particularly if you have a mini-refrigerator or micro-fridge) may result in your room's electrical circuit tripping. 




Trash Removal and Recycling