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Cornell University

Housing Rates

Housing Rates include gas, electricity, garbage pick-up, and Internet service (up to 200 GB/month).

Damage deposits / billing: An advance security or damage deposit is not required. However, you are held responsible for the terms and conditions of your housing contract, which states that you will be charged by Bursar if excessive cleanup is required after you vacate the residence and/or if damages beyond normal wear and tear have occurred.

Billing Cycles:

  • Undergraduate residents: Students are Bursar-billed in August for fall-semester housing, and in December for spring-semester housing.
  • Graduate / professional students holding 12-month housing contracts: Students are Bursar-billed each month. The first month's rent generally appears on the August Bursar bill.
  • Summer housing residents: Full payment is requested at the time of application.


2024-2025 Housing Rates

Please note that housing contracts are valid for the entire academic year and become binding when you sign your housing license.

Residence Halls, Program Houses, and West Campus Houses:

TypeFall 2024 RateSpring 2025 RateAcademic Year 2024-2025
Total Rate
Super Single$7,423$7,423$14,846
Townhouse Double$6,963$6,963$13,925

Cooperative Residences:

Co-op housing rates are determined by operating costs for each house, and vary by community and sometimes by room. Contact any co-op  in which you have interest for specific room rates.

CooperativeFall 2024
Single Rate
Fall 2024
Double Rate
Fall 2024
Triple Rate
Fall 2024
Meal/Staples Plan
Prospect of Whitby$3,635-$3,875$3,210N/A$600
660 Stewart Avenue$4,835$4,270N/A$145
Triphammer Cooperative$3,635$3,210$2,950$500
Red Bud Cooperative in
Von Cramm
302 Wait Avenue$4,335-$4,620$3,825N/AN/A
308 Wait Avenue$4,3350-$4,620$3,825N/AN/A
Wari Cooperative$4,835-$5,155$4,270N/AN/A

Graduate/Professional Student Housing Rates:

Hasbrouck Community Single Student Options12-month contract
Studio apartment  $1,250/month 
1-Bedroom apartment, furnished$1,370/month 
1-Bedroom apartment, unfurnished$1,300/month
Large Single in 2-bedroom townhouse, furnished$845/month 
Regular Single in 2-bedroom townhouse, furnished$565/month 
Hasbrouck Community Family Options12-month contract
1-Bedroom apartment, furnished$1,370/month
1-Bedroom apartment, unfurnished$1,300/month
2-Bedroom apartment - 3rd floor, furnished$1,385/month
2-Bedroom townhouse, furnished$1,410/month
2-Bedroom townhouse, unfurnished$1,358/month