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Bed Elevation & Furniture Configuration

Requests to have your bed height adjusted:

  • Most bed frames are set to the highest raised bed height (39" or 28") prior to your arrival. 
  • If your bed is not set to the highest setting due to the style of the bolted bed frame:
    • The lowest setting makes the overall height of the bed (with mattress) at about 20" with approximately 9" height underneath.
    • The highest setting brings the overall height of the bed (with mattress) to 28" and allows for about 22" clearance underneath.
  • No requests for bed lofting and/or bunking will be approved. 
  • Requests for lowering bed height or adjusting a bolted bed frame to the highest settings are accepted beginning September 1 and ending October 1 for the fall semester, and February 11 through March 11 for the spring semester.

To request to have your bed height adjusted:  

  1. Place a maintenance request (link below), and in the "Request Type" box, select "Repair, Maintenance,Service."
  2. In the "Request Summary" box, type in your request to have your bed lowered. 


  • Some bed elevation requests may not be able to be accommodated due to room configuration or fire code issues.  
  • Some rooms on campus – particularly triples, or those in older buildings with unconventional floor plans – will be set up before students move in with beds already lofted or bunked to accommodate the space. In most cases, this set-up represents the only possible bed configuration for that room.


Basic Furniture Measurements

(Based on standard furniture stock; furniture may vary by building)

Bed Frame - 36" x 85"
Wardrobe - 36" x 24" x 78" (34" x 60" inside wardrobe; 44" below bar; 21" from ceiling to top of wardrobe).
Drawers - 6" deep
Desk - 45" x 24" x 30"
Dresser - 36" x 20" x 30"

Drop-In Bed

Twin bed that is elevated above the height of a standard desk.
Drop-in style bed, approximately 31 inches from the floor to the underside of the mattress frame, allowing dresser or bookcase to be stored under bed. Great for storage! No request needed. 

Bolted Bed

Twin bed against the corder of a room.
Approximately 22 inches from the floor to the underside of the mattress frame.

Lofted Bed

Lofted bed against a wall with a desk underneath
Approximately 60 inches from the floor to the underside of the mattress frame.

Bunked Beds

Bunked bed in the corner of a room with a desk and floating shelf.

Log in to Place a Maintenance Request

You must have a Cornell NetID to enter your request. Residents without a NetID should contact their service center.