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Cornell University

Service Centers

Cornell's service centers – including the five West Campus House Offices – provide information, mail services, key replacement, bulk laundry and dry cleaning service, and other vital resources to the campus community.

The university's service centers are located in community centers and residential buildings across campus.

Use the links below to determine which service center provides services and support to your residence.

North Campus Service Center:

West Campus House Offices:

South Campus Service Centers:

Graduate & Professional Student Service Centers:

Receiving mail at your service center

You will receive an email if a mail item or package arrives for you. For almost all residents, your on-campus address will be as follows:   
Your Name, NetID,   
Room Number, Building   
Ithaca, NY 14853

Please make note of the following exceptions:   
Ecology House: 1 Country Club Road, Room Number, Ithaca NY, 14850   
112 Edgemoor: 112 Edgemoor Lane, Room Number, Ithaca, NY 14850   
Schuyler House: 112 Sage Place, Room Number, Ithaca, NY 14850

To process your mail and packages more efficiently, make sure that you have completed the following in your Housing portal.  Log in to the Housing Portal with your NetID and Password and select Forms.

  • Forwarding Address Form - update the address mail and packages will be forwarded to after you move out.
  • Parcel Pickup Authorization Form - authorize someone other than yourself to pick up your parcels.
  • Contact Form - update your mobile phone, missing person contact(s), emergency contact, and forwarding address.