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Food and Alcohol at Events

Food Safety

Food plays a large role at many events, and is often a major factor in attendance! Unfortunately, food that is not properly prepared, stored or served may cause major headaches for event sponsors, and other illnesses for guests.

Fortunately, Cornell has resources available to assist you with proper handling and serving of food. In addition, some events may require a Temporary Food Permit issued by the Tompkins County Health Department. Risk Management & Insurance provides information on Preparing and Serving Food, in addition to information about required permits.

Cornell Dining also provides assistance to event planners wishing to provide food at their events. Contact Cornell Dining's Food Safety staff for assistance.

Events with Alcohol

Generally, only graduate/professional student organizations and university departments may sponsor events with alcohol. All event sponsors hosting events with alcohol on university property must adhere to the University's Policy 4.8, Alcohol and Other Drugs.

For more information about hosting events with alcohol, visit Risk Management and Insurance's guidelines on events with alcohol.