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Cornell University

Orientation Video and Liability Waiver

All visitors to the Lindseth Climbing Center must watch our orientation video and complete our liability waiver before stepping onto the main floor. You can watch in advance and bring a completed waiver to the desk, or take care of business upon arrival.

Instructions for completing the waiver

  1. On the front, print the climber's name and check the box if they are under 18.
  2. On the back, initial each of the boxes in the upper section.
  3. Climber or Guarding must sign and print the name and date in the Helmet waiver section if you want the option to not wear a helmet.
  4. Climber or Guardian must sign and print the name and contact information.
  5. Leave the witness section blank for our Wall Staff to complete.
  6. Bring the completed waiver to the front desk to review and complete.