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Group Visits

Group Rates are available for organized groups that schedule in advance and are paying with a single credit card, check, or interdepartment charge code. Bursar is not available for Group Rates.

The wall does not provide belay staff during Open Hours, so you will be restricted to bouldering unless you provide your own belay certified climbers, or hire instructors from COE.

To inquire about a Group Visit, please reach out to the Climbing Wall Manager with the following information:

  • Name of group/organization, Contact person, and email
  • Preferred Date and Time of your visit - If your visit is in conflict with other events or groups we will let you know. During the semester, groups should plan to visit during regular Open Hours. Providing options for alternate days and times is helpful.
  • Method of Payment - We accept Credit Card, Check (made payable to Cornell University), or Interdepartment transfer. We cannot accept Bursar for group payment. If you choose Interdepartment transfer, we will need to know the charge code in advance of your visit.
  • Approximate number of participants - We recommend limiting groups to 12 or fewer participants, but larger requests may be possible. We will charge based on the number of actual participants at the following rates:
    • Climbing Pass - $8/climber, includes rental shoes and climbing equipment
    • Belay Staff - $35/staff needed, we'll typically hire 1 staff for every 4 climbers

Once we have this information, we will make sure we can host your group on the desired date and reach out for instructor support if that is requested. Please wait for a confirmation of your scheduled visit before bringing your group.

Before Your Visit

All visitors to the Lindseth Climbing Center must watch our orientation video and complete our liability waiver before stepping onto the main floor. Your group participants should watch the video in advance and, if possible, bring a completed waiver to the facility. Both can be completed on site if necessary.

Instructions for completing the waiver

  1. On the front, print the climber's name and check the box if they are under 18.
  2. On the back, initial each of the boxes in the upper section.
  3. Climber or Guardian must sign and print the name and date in the Helmet waiver section if you want the option to not wear a helmet.
  4. Climber or Guardian must sign and print the name and contact information.
  5. Leave the witness section blank for our Wall Staff to complete.
  6. Bring the completed waiver to the front desk to review and complete.

When You Arrive

On the day of your visit, have the group leader check in at the front desk and let the staff know how many participants will be there and take care of payment if not providing an account number. Staff will assist with getting everyone settled and geared up. Following the visit, an itemized invoice will be emailed to group leader and an interdepartment transfer will be initiated if appropriate.