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Cornell University

Fees and Membership

The following tables reflect the climbing pass options typically available during the year. Due to COVID-19 precautions, only Cornell Students may use the facility at this time.

First time? Try climbing with a Day Pass and, if you'd like to climb more, ask our desk staff about applying the cost to a longer term pass before you leave.

Refunds are not available for Pass Purchases.

Standard Pass and Membership Options

Youth and Non-Student passes currently not available. Annual Pass currently not available.

Pass Type Youth*
(Under 13)
(Cornell, or Under 18)
(Over 18)
Day Pass
Valid on day of purchase
$6 $11 $16
30-Day Pass
Valid 30 days from day of purchase
(December purchases good for 38 days!)
$30 $55 $80
Spring '21 Semester Pass
Start Date TBD-5/31/21
$60 $120 $200
Annual Pass*
Valid 365 days from day of purchase
$110 $220 $370
10-Visit Punch Pass
Valid indefinitely, non-transferable
$50 $90 $130

Cornell Fitness Center (CFC) and Wellness Member Fees

The following ADD-ON passes are specifically for Cornell students, staff, and faculty that have an active qualifying CFC or Wellness Membership (Group Fitness Class membership does not qualify).

Additionally, CFC or Wellness members can purchase climbing ADD-ON passes for their partners and/or children (under 18) at the same price, once those family members are granted access.

Refunds are not available for Pass Purchases.

Pass Type Student
(Cornell, or Under 18)
(Over 18)
Single Semester ADD-ON Pass
Start Date TBD-5/31/21
$60 $100*
Not available
Multi-Semester ADD-ON Pass
Valid 8/1/2021-8/15/2022 regardless of date of purchase
Not available
Not available

Rental Gear Fees

Equipment Fee per Day
Climbing Shoes $5 per day + tax
Chalk Bag *not available* $1 per day + tax
Climbing Harness / Belay Kit / Lead Rope Free

With the exception of Lead Ropes, you are welcome to use your own gear, provided it is in god condition and certified for technical rock climbing in an indoor environment.

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