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A student climbing on the bouldering wall


Our 45' long, 12' tall bouldering wall features slab, overhang, corner, arched climbing. Our grading is by circuit, but problems range from beginner teaching tools to expert challenges it the V10 range. Because no partners or certifications are necessary, bouldering is where many people begin to learn to climb.

Take a Learn to Climb class to learn the basics of movement and technique.

Top Rope Climbing

Our Top Rope routes range in height from 28' tall walls to 40' tall walls. With 35 separate rope anchors, we typically have 70-80 distinct climbs available in the 5.4-5.13 difficulty range. Wall features include slab, overhang and roofs, a pillar with wraparound climbing, 2 jam cracks, and a routesetting style to help you learn to climb and push your limits. Top Rope climbers require a certified belayer, which LCC does not provide. LCC does have two Auto Belay stations, which require separate certification for use.

Take a Learn to Belay class to gain the necessary skills to get certified.

A student lead climbing high on the climbing wall

Sport Lead Climbing

Although many of the top rope routes at LCC can also be sport lead, we also have 8 dedicated anchors for leaders on the Sklar Lead Wall, many of which climb dramatic lines out of an overhanging cave. Sport Leading can be a thrilling extension to a climber's activities, but carries increased risks.

Take a Learn to Lead class to gain the experience to get Lead Certified.

The training area behind the bouldering wall

Strength Training

Our training area features 3 hangboards, two sets of campus rungs, hanging grips and rings, TRX bands, free weights, rollers and other items to build muscle and tendon strength. This area is maintained by the Cornell Rock Climbing Club. While the majority of our routes climb modern plastic holds, the Classic portion of our wall features several lines that climb natural rock embedded in cinder block, with finger cracks, toe jams, alcoves and ledges, and a third jam crack. Many of these training tools are not suitable for beginner climbers.

Climbers on the Noyes bouldering wall

Noyes K2 Bouldering

The Noyes K2 Bouldering Wall is a modest bouldering wall located in the Noyes Community Recreation Center, typically available to Cornell students, faculty, and staff. This bouldering wall is more freeform than the LCC bouldering area, and not staffed by LCC monitors.

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