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Cornell University


Anyone wishing to climb at the Lindseth Climbing Center must fall under one of three categories, regardless of age, experience, or type of climbing they wish to engage in: Cornell Affiliates, Community Affiliates, or Guests.

Cornell Affiliates are current Cornell University students, staff, faculty and alumni, as well as their parents, siblings, spouses/partners, and children. Cornell affiliates are allowed to escort two Guests during their visit. Cornell affiliates and their guests are allowed to use the facility after completing a waiver and watching our orientation video.

Community Affiliates are people outside of the Cornell community who have participated in a climbing program such as a Learn to Climb class, a COE contracted group climb, or a private lesson. Community affiliates cannot escort guests. Taking a belay test does not qualify for affiliation.

Guests of Cornell Affiliates have not become affiliated yet, and must participate in a climbing program before they can return on their own. Taking a belay test does not qualify for affiliation.
Check out our Climbing Lessons if you are interested in becoming affiliated.