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Storage & Shipping Options

Undergraduate residence halls close for the spring semester at 2pm on Sunday, May 21, 2023. You may be thinking about what to do with your personal belongings for the summer as you prepare to move out.

Big Red Shipping & Storage

If you want to leave items in Ithaca or ship them home, we recommend using Big Red Shipping and Storage (BRSS), our preferred vendor. Their prices are the most affordable in Ithaca! With almost 30 years of experience as Cornell’s preferred vendor, the professional team at Big Red Shipping & Storage is committed to providing excellent customer service, convenience, and consistency to Cornell students and the greater Ithaca area! BRSS operates year-round.

Storage and Shipping Options

Full Service Storage

Schedule an appointment and we will come pick up your packed boxes and bring them to storage. We can deliver supplies or pack your items if finals week is too stressful!

Full Service Shipping

Pack your items, and we will pick them up during your scheduled appointment time and ship them to your desired location. If supplies are needed, we can deliver those too!

Book You Appointment

BRSS has limited availability and timeslots, so book your appointments now before they fill up!

How to secure your preferred pickup date and timeslot:

  1. Sign up online at:
  2. Schedule a free in-room pickup at your dorm, apartment, or house.
  3. Storage items will be stored in a climate-controlled facility, and shipping items will be sent to your desired location.

BRSS will be given permission to be in dorms to assist you. Pickup and Delivery to-and-from your room is FREE!

Big Red also offers free boxes to its valued customers on FREE BOX DAYS! Come pick up your free boxes with proof of existing appointment on:

  • Sunday, April 30th 12pm-5pm (RPCC and Baker Flagpole)
  • Sunday, May 7th 12pm-5pm (RPCC and Baker Flagpole)

If you are still unsure or have more questions, please call or email Big Red Shipping and Storage: (607)-272-2000 ext. 222 |

Big Red Shipping and Storage