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Your Cornell Community

Your Neighbors

Living in a residential community can be a great part of your graduate or professional student experience at Cornell. Each year more than 40 countries are represented among the graduate and professional residential community, making this a global experience. Approximately 400 graduate and professional students live on campus each year. 49% are singe student households, and 51% are family/partner group households.

Stores and Services

There are two convenience stores for on-the-go-groceries, toiletries and household items, and two banks, all on campus.

The Cornell Store offers computer hardware at discounted academic pricing; textbooks and course materials; supplies; Cornell clothing; gifts and many other services. Visit to shop online and read about physical store locations. Read about in-store services including USPS mail services; UPS drop-off service, packing materials, banking and more available at their 135 Ho Plaza location on campus.

Fitness Centers - Cornell Recreational Services offers group classes, fitness centers, and free pre-recorded fitness classes.

Bus service - Cornell's Parking and Transportation office provides information on parking, and TCAT Public Transit which serves the university, Ithaca and neighboring communities.

Support for International Students

International residents living in University housing can benefit from the support of full-time staff members who offer orientation programs, English language support, and guidance to help translate, answer questions and advocate. The International Services department in the Office of Global Learning helps students and their families from all over the world adapt and thrive in their new home.

Child Care and Parenting

Cornell's Work/Life Consultant in Human Resources assists students with information about child care providers, parenting resources, lactation accommodations and more. Contact Ithaca's school-age children (5 years and older) - including those who live in Hasbrouck Apartments - can attend public school, free of charge, in the Ithaca City School District. A variety of fee-based private school options also exist in the Ithaca area. A list can be found at