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Alumni Multicultural Greek Letter Council

AMGLC Mission

AMGLC reaches, connects, and engages the alumni multicultural Greek community and support the core values of Cornell University. AMGLC supports the programs of Cornell University’s Multicultural Greek Letter Council (MGLC) member organizations and provides MGLC alumni with an organization to continue living the common core values of AMGLC organization: everlasting bonds, academic excellence, cultural awareness, and service to our committees.

AMGLC Purpose

In support of the mission of the organization, AMGLC exists to serve Cornell University-recognized alumni organization affiliated with Multicultural Greek and Fraternal Council and its fraternities and sororities. AMGLC will:

  • Speak with a unified voice to Cornell University administration, representing perspectives, ideas, and topics of importance to undergraduate and alumni MGFC Greeks
  • Work collaboratively with the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life and Student & Campus Life to support multicultural Greek life
  • Actively Participate on the Cornell University Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Council
  • Assist undergraduate chapters in strengthening their relationships with alumni
  • Foster, maintain and support the Cornell University multicultural Greeks network through events and programs
  • Provide continuity and collective memory for the AMGLC community

History of AMGLC

  • AMGLC was formed in 2008 and has been providing support to Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council chapters and students, and representing alumni MGFC members to the Cornell Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life and administration.
  • Support activities include regularly engaging with the MGFC Advisor and Council President to understand undergraduate concerns and advise chapter leaders.
  • Members of the AMGLC Executive Steering Committee have also participated in the Fraternity and Sorority Advisory council since 2004; and attended the Cornell Annual Leadership Conference since 2013 on behalf of AMGLC.

Current members of the AMGLC Board are:

President, Frank Wilkinson, Alpha Phi Alpha,

Iris Delgado -

Justin Wong -

Melissa Yee -

Patrick Pierre-Louie -

Blisse Wilkinson -

Nick Diaz -