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Chapter Advising

Being a Chapter Advisor

Chapter advisors are the most vital asset to a chapter other than university support. The vision for chapter advisors is to offer professional leadership and management that offer continuity to the chapter’s operations and long-term success. Activities include, but are not limited:

  • To assist the Faculty Fellow in the promotion of scholarship generally among the members of the chapter and promoting an atmosphere conducive for study within the chapter house.
  • To assist the chapter officers, particularly the president and treasurer.
  • To advise the chapter in the understanding of electing and training competent chapter officers.
  • To work with the chapter officers in preparing the yearly Membership Development Plan, Chapter Management Plan, Chapter Annual Report, and budgets and goals.
  • To speak with actives who are delinquent in their financial obligations to the chapter.
  • To interpret and explain alumni policies and actions to the chapter.
  • To express active chapter's feelings to alumni, when and where necessary.
  • To attend a majority of active chapter meetings.
  • To make every effort to attend each major chapter initiation event.
  • To ensure the chapter house is in proper condition (if applicable).
  • To attend national and regional meetings.
  • To give assistance and advice in recruitment planning and membership education functions.
  • To be familiar with, and advise the chapter on, the esoteric work.
  • To keep current with the university policies in general and, in particular, those pertaining to Greek chapters.
  • To discuss individual problems with members and try to give personal guidance.
  • To be an active participant in alumni groups.
  • To be familiar with Inter/national rules and regulations.
  • To assist with the implementation of a purposeful chapter retreat.

A chapter advisor can be an excellent form of support. Many chapters choose to appoint one person with this role, asking them to be in constant contact with the undergraduate chapter and especially its leadership. Without reciprocal support from those being advised, however, nothing will be accomplished. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the significance of an advisor to the members of a chapter. Together, the advisor and the chapter members must strive to give a better understanding of the relationship that exists between the chapter and the institution. It is also important to realize that having a committed chapter advisor can make a significant positive impact in all areas of chapter operation.

How do you know if the person is a "good fit?"

  • Can the person be depended upon for close and prompt cooperation?
  • Is the person on good terms with the members of the chapter?
  • Does the person have a healthy view of the chapter and the Greek system in general?
  • Does the person work well with college students?
  • Does the person have enough time to commit to the chapter?
  • Is the person fair-minded?
  • Is the person in good standing with the university administrators, the local chapter, the inter/national chapter, the alumni, and the faculty?

Possible ways to honor the Chapter Advisor

  • Nominate him/her for an inter/national chapter award.
  • Nominate him/her for a Greek alumni award.
  • Invite advisor to all chapter events.