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Chapter 3: Event Planning

Reminder: Undergraduate organizations are "officially" registered from when their re-registration is approved until the last day of classes (throughout the academic year and must primarily host club operations, events, and activities when classes are in session). Graduate/Professional organizations are "officially" registered from when their re-registration is approved throughout the calendar year. Events, activities, and operations should pause during finals (not study days) to allow students to focus on academics. This information is shared during the annual re-registration and registration process. 

Below is a list of helpful event-planning resources for student organizations. 

For a complete list of event planning resources, please visit the Campus Events main website at

Event Planning 101 (online class & exam)

Online Class and Exam (link)

Interested in holding an event on Cornell’s campus? Start here! This class will explore the many resources, tools, policies and procedures for requesting space on campus, and registering your event. Learn about the University Events Team (UET), and their role in reviewing and approving events. Want to have a food truck on campus, or need to rent tables/chairs for your program? Look no further! This video will provide answers to many of your questions, and link to great campus resources that can provide even more information.




A contract is a legally binding agreement between 2 or more parties. Never sign a contract until you can meet all of the terms. Do not sign a contract or make an offer until you have secured all the funding you need for the event.

Registering events and meetings

All events and meetings must be placed on the CampusGroups Events Calendar. This can be done by submitting your event/meeting as an event through your organization. Click here to learn how to put events in CampusGroups.

All on-campus events and meetings must be registered through Scheduling@Cornell. You can schedule events and reserve spaces here, as well as review helpful event planning resources.

Reserving Space (25 Live)

Only student organizations that are fully registered and approved can reserve space.

Most space reservations are through Scheduling@Cornell. Some spaces must be reserved directly through a space manager depending on the building/department rules.

Tabling at WSH - The Student Union

Click this link to view a PDF of the table layout and how to reserve space: WSHTABLE Lobby diagram.pdf

You can reserve these tables through Scheduling@Cornell.

Posting Events in CampusGroups

All student organizations must post their meetings and events to the Cornell CampusGroups platform (this applies to both in-person and virtual.

  • How to post an event can be found here.

Each organization must have an updated/accurate list of “members” under their CampusGroups organization dashboard.

  • How to import members can be found here.
  • You can add members individually, under the member's page and "add member."

Tracking Attendance in CampusGroups

All student organizations will need to track in-person meetings and event attendance.

  • How to check in and out of an event and track attendance can be found here.


Security at events is a crucial piece of the event planning process. Proper planning regarding security can make an event successful for the sponsor, presenter, and guests. Security coverage is provided to any registered student organization or sorority/fraternity (except for CCC, CUBP, Slope Day, and Convocation). Coverage is up to $8,000 per event for CU Police or plain-clothes security (i.e., Amric, if approved by CUPD) for events that take place on campus (does not include fraternity or sorority houses), and covered events must be registered through the Scheduling @ Cornell system. Only Cornell-provided/approved security will be covered (Any outside security required by a speaker or entertainer will not be covered). For more information, please email