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About Campus Activities

The Campus Activities events team with large inflatables on the Arts Quad.
The Campus Activities events team having fun at an event on the Arts Quad!

About Campus Activities

Campus Activities provides vibrant and supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning, the practice of leadership, social responsibility, interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness through experiential learning.We bring students and student communities together to:

  • Foster/create a sense of belonging

  • Gain an understanding of, and an appreciation for, diversity
  • Promote health and well-being
  • Foster personal awareness
  • Actively engage in and prepare for their roles as global citizens
  • We cultivate students’ active engagement in Cornell University through registered student organizations, volunteer and employment opportunities as well as participation in events, programs, workshops, and training.

Mission & Goals

Our mission—to provide students with opportunities designed to promote individual growth, creativity, and personal connections through experiential learning—is accompanied by 6 main goals:

  1. To empower students and support their activities through the provision of services, facilities, classes, training, and programs.

  2. To facilitate and support hands-on experiences where students learn and use leadership and life skills. These skills include team building, group development, supervision, budget development, and fiscal management, marketing and promotion techniques, professional ethics, time management, decision-making, and meeting management.
  3. Consult with students, staff, and faculty wishing to hold major events on university property.
  4. Evaluate Campus Activities programs, training, and services regularly and initiate change when needed.
  5. Commit resources towards applying technological advances to Campus Activities sponsored programs and services.
  6. Initiate and support collaboration among students, staff, and faculty in the area of programming.

Meet the Campus Activities Team

Karli Buday

Director of Campus Activities

523 Willard Straight Hall

Karli is the Director to Campus Activities within Campus and Community Engagement. The Campus Activities Team strives to focus on promoting and nurturing student learning, social responsibility, and community membership through experiential learning and student involvement. In addition, the office directly works with over 1,000 student organizations to provide mentorship through the year.

Kyle Schillace

Associate Director

526 Willard Straight Hall

 Kyle (he/him) supports the following University-recognized organizations and Campus Activities initiatives:

  • Programming Council and overall University programming
  • Senior Convocation
  • Club Sports Council
  • Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC)
  • Marketing, branding, & communications for the office and student organizations
  • Umbrella student organization support
  • CampusGroups support

Ricky Boche

Assistant Director

525 Willard Straight Hall

Ricky supports the following University-recognized organizations:

  • CU Tonight Funding Commission

  • MCFAB: Multicultural Concert Funding Advisory Board

  • Willard Straight Hall Student Union Board

  • Professional Fraternity Council

  • Cornell University Class Councils (Juniors & Seniors)

  • Senior Days Committee

Jessie White

Assistant Director

528 Willard Straight Hall

Jessie supports the following University-recognized organizations:

  • Cornell Concert Commission
  • Cornell University Program Board
  • Slope Day Programming Board
  • Cornell University Class Councils (First Years & Sophomores)
  • A Cappella Advisory Committee (ACAC)

Jessie's primary focus and experience is with large-scale event planning. She often works with production teams, contracts and agents, and more to bring concerts and shows to Cornell.

Denice Cassaro

Assistant Director

527 Willard Straight Hall

Denice supports the following initiatives:

  • Leadership Workshop Series
  • Campus Activities Community Connection newsletter
  • New Student Organization Registration Process
  • Student Organization Conduct and Community Standards Liaison

Denice is an Assistant Director in Campus Activities where she is dedicated to providing vibrant and supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning, the practice of leadership, social responsibility, interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness through experiential learning.

Vasile (Alex) Trusca

Program Coordinator

521 Willard Straight Hall

Bio coming soon!