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Chapter 7: Student Officers

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This page contains helpful resources for student leaders/officers of registered organizations.

How to submit a Payment Request

Need something purchased for your organizations or a reimbursment? Above is a step-by-step guide on the proper way to submit a Payment Request. If you need assistance to have questions reach out to your primary funding board first.

Event Waiver

Are you conducting an activity and need an event waiver. Above is a general event waiver for groups that are hosting activities. 

Officer Update Form

This form must be completed to ensure a swift transition to on-campus groups between officers. Please ensure to retire previous officers while providing the names and netids for the incoming eboard including any custom-named positions. Once this form has been approved, the officers will be updated on the campus group and be given access to the group's page as long as the group has been fully approved during the re-registration process. Please note all advisors must be full-time faculty or staff members. 

Clubs Requesting a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Does your club need a certificate of insurance for an event or activity? Above is the form/application needed for the Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) to assist in the request. 

Organization Officer Transition Guide

One of the most significant obstacles to student organization longevity is the transition between leaders. However, if your club makes an effort to prepare, the change will be much smoother. Use the checklist to guide your organization through this exciting process. Please note that this checklist is not intended to be exhaustive; tailor it to your organization's needs for best results.

Organization Name Change Form

You may use this form to request your organization's name be changed on all official documents held by Cornell University and Campus Activities. This would include your organization's name on the CampusGroups website database, as well as your profile on other social media and websites, as well as your mailbox. We will require all existing physical mail to be collected from the Willard Straight Hall Mailbox (if any), and the updated name to be correctly represented on the mail delivery folder (if applicable). Your organization's advisor will need to co-sign on the change of name and University Branding (if applicable). 

Campus Activities Newsletter Submission Form

The CA newsletter is another helpful resource that helps promote events and organizations and shares information through announcements. Requests are only accepted from Cornell registered student organizations and Cornell-affiliated departments/programs. Due to the volume of ads, there is a required format for your ad submission to display your ad and keep the newsletter to a reasonable length. Your adherence to this effort is greatly appreciated.

Cornell Branding Processes

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