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Canoeing at sunrise

COE paddling courses are a great way to get you out on the water to try paddling for the first time. Pool paddling takes place in the comfort of a pool right on campus and is a great introduction to get you started kayaking. Our other kayaking courses include some pool time combined with kayaking outside on lakes and rivers. Sea Kayak Touring includes a camping trip where you paddle out to a primitive campsite. Whitewater kayaking progresses from an introduction in the pool, to a day on moving water, and then culminates with a weekend camping trip including two days of paddling class II/ III whitewater. If you prefer paddling with a partner, canoeing classes offer a team approach to paddling. If standing up is more your style, stand up paddle boarding will give you a challenge which combines balancing while paddling your own board. Whichever paddling course you choose, our instructors will work with you to progress from the basics to more challenging skills. For questions about Paddling courses, please contact Chris Bode

PE 1671: Recreational Canoeing

PE 1675: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

PE 1680: Pool Paddling

PE 1674: Introduction to Sea Kayaking

PE 1681: Whitewater Kayaking (canceled)