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Cornell University

Cornell Crusher 2024

Climber Bouldering at LCC

Our Annual Boulder Competition Returns!

Sunday, May 5 - Three rounds of climbing followed by a finals round

Registration is closed for the event, email us to be placed on the Wait List.

Spectators will be welcome to watch the Finals Round. Doors open at 6pm to the Ramin Room, Finals Round begins at 7pm.

Comp Format and Rules

This year's comp will follow a Modified Redpoint format. Climbers will have a series of boulders to puzzle through, each with an intermediate Zone hold and Finish (Top) hold to score from. The number of Zones, Tops, and attempts to reach those will count towards a cumulative score.

Each category will be assigned a set of specific boulders to attempt. Competitors may only climb the boulders assigned to their category. Note: some boulders may be assigned to more than one category. On each boulder, there will be two designated scored holds (Zone hold and Finish hold), which will be visibly marked by tape. The start and finish holds will be marked using normal conventions - two tapes marking the start hands, one tape marking the finish. The Zone and Finish tape color will be the color of the climb. The start hold tape color will designate the climbing category.

For each attempt, a competitor will receive a score based on the number of the last scored hold they control or use before falling/finishing the attempt. Both hands must control the finish hold to score a top. There are three possible scores on any given climb:

  • 0: No control of zone
  • Z: Control of zone, but no top
  • T: Control of finish hold

All attempts are recorded alongside the progress of the climb. By the end of a round scores may look something like this:

  • 4 T in 4 attempts 6 Z in 20 attempts
  • 4 T in 5 attempts 6 Z in 15 attempts
  • 3 T in 7 attempts, 7 Z in 18 attempts
  • 2 T in 7 attempts, 8 Z in 8 attempts

Attempts to top individual climbs does not matter, though everything should be recorded by the competitors. Everything in this competition is cumulative, so when competitors finish they will add up their total tops, total zones, attempts to tops, and attempts zones, which we will use to rank them. Competitors will help score each other, though a few judges will also be on hand to assist.

The scoring hierarchy is as follows: tops, zones, attempts to top, attempts to zone. This means that every climb is weighted equally, and every climb counts towards your final score. There will likely be no ties. Additionally, climbers will get a limited number of attempts per climb.

Comp Rules (will be reiterated in meeting)

  • No beta spray—cannot tell people what to do while they’re on the wall, discussing collectively on the ground is okay.
  • Grip tape on volumes is ok to use for all climbs.
  • Establish start position with both hands for at least 2 seconds before movement. No use of other problems holds to establish.
  • Control at Zone does not require both hands.
  • Control finish hold with both hands for at least 2 seconds.
  • To indicate the start is on a volume, tape will be coming off the volume . Specific holds on a volume may be taped.
  • A witness must score your attempts, zones, and tops.
  • If you dab, stop your attempt immediately. Be reasonable judging dabs, if you lightly brush a hold that may be ok, but any weight put on a hold is cause to stop your attempt
  • The back edge of the arch is off limits
  • The furthest left wall of the bouldering wall is on
  • All features are on (volumes, aretes, dihedrals) unless specified otherwise
  • Please respect climber right of way. If you accidentally start climbing and immediately jump off after noticing a climber above that does not count as an attempt. If you establish and make progress towards the climb but need to jump off due to climber above that will count as an attempt.
  • If you fall off immediately before establishing that won’t count as an attempt. Be reasonable with judging.
  • No mid-problem climbing, you must always start from the start holds. Touching holds other than start holds counts as an attempt. 
  • Technicals - If a hold spins or breaks:
    • 1) call a technical and come off immediately (attempt doesn’t count, problem fixed) or 
    • 2) continue climbing, can’t call a technical (attempt counts, fix issue afterwards)