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How to Join a Sorority or Fraternity

Individuals seeking membership can join our community at various times throughout their tenure at Cornell. All individuals must meet the Deferred Recruitment Policy listed below in order to be eligible.

Recognized Sororities & Fraternities

Deferred Recruitment Policy (First Year Spring Admit)

Deferred recruitment requires new students to wait one academic semester before pursuing membership in a Sorority or Fraternity. Therefore all incoming students, including spring admit freshmen must wait at least one semester before beginning a recruitment or intake process. This policy encourages students to focus on building solid and positive academic habits and adjust to college life. We believe it is best for each cohort of new students to wait until their second semester at Cornell to be eligible to join a sorority or fraternity. Deferred recruitment for new students was instituted by student and faculty leadership in the 1950s and will continue to be Cornell’s policy. Transfer students are permitted to join a sorority or fraternity their first semester at Cornell.

With the exception of Asian-Interest Recruitment, the Membership Intake Process for Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council (MGFC) organizations happens at various times during the year at the discretion of each group and their national organization. Consult individual Chapters for more information. Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (PHC) Formal Recruitment is held the week before classes start each January. Informal Recruitment is dependent on the organizations and may be held in the Fall or throughout the Spring. Students must meet the Deferred Recruitment policy to be eligible to join during Informal Recruitment.