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Staff Awards and Recognitions

Cornell Seal

 Ellen Tohn and Scott Sklar Dedicated Service Award

This award recognizes members of our community who have displayed exemplary dedication to Cornell Outdoor Education. Given in honor of Ellen Tohn '81 and Scott Sklar '80, whose service to COE as instructors and co-chairs of the advisory board spanned decades.
2022 Alice Henshaw   
2023 Jeff Deutsch   
2024 John Udall   

Cornell SealDavid Moriah Student Leadership Awards

David Morrisey Moriah, the first Director of Cornell Outdoor Education, founded an “Oasis of Madness” which continues to develop teamwork, leadership, and growth through outdoor experience. In this spirit, the Moriah Award honors those student leaders who best exemplify the qualities that give life to COE’s mission: initiative, contagious enthusiasm, commitment to service, and pursuit of excellence in experiential education.
2003 Lindsay Watkins2010 Robert Moore2018 Jason Gurtman
2003 Carrie Wang2011 Eric Przybyszewski2019 Liana Margolese
2004 Anthony Suppa2011 Anna Knight2019 Dora Tan
2005 Luke Mohlman2012 Julien Wilson2021 Caroline Campbell
2006 Sara Abelson2013 Charlotte Ambrozek2022 Sophia Roshal
2006 Becky Selling2014 Kristina Ceres2023 Chris Lawson
2007 Amanda Magee2014 Francie Jaffe2023 Claire Bladeau
2007 Keith Luscinski2015 Marino Leone2024 Kyra Watts
2008 Erika Knight2016 Emily Shertzer 
2008 Greg Billing2016 Seth Martin 
2009 Devin Cowan2017 Zoe Maisel 
2010 Chelsea Powell2018 Nicole Smaranda 

Cornell SealSpirit Award

Cornell Outdoor Education Spirit Award recognizes outdoor leaders and staff whose extraordinary energy, inspiration, and community spirit make COE a better place to learn and grow.
2003 Brian Todd2011 Dan Birman2020 Sandy Gregorich
2004 Mark Henderson2011 Allison Ong2020 Drake Linscott
2004 Matt Steven2012 Emily Ruzbarsky2021 Lilly Woodward
2005 Jeff Deutsch2012 Tammy Klock2022 Warrick Ma
2005 Laura Robert2013 Sean Augustino2023 Oliver Moura
2006 Chris Arthur2014 Tara Ostock2024 Sylvan Martin
2007 Lauren Florack2015 Bob Chiang 
2007 Rob Andrejewski2016 Grace Livermore 
2008 Jess Butwin2017 Becca Stamp 
2008 Devin Cowan2017 Cathy Han 
2009 Mike Zupancic2018 Clare O’Connor 
2010 Beth O’Malley2019 Josh Sadinsky 

Cornell SealGolden Koosh Award

For Excellence in Service in Cornell Teambuilding
1995 Duane Grego2012 Norm Pure
1998 Shawn Berkowitz2016 Ben Lillard
1999 Ella Lynch2017 Amy Kohut
2000 Charles Matheus2018 Matt Cowburn
2000 Alice Henshaw2019 Matt Kager
2003 Dave Ackerson2020 Amanda Wittman
2004 Jim Volckhausen2021 Sandy Gregorich
2005 Dan Tillemans2022 Sarah Highland
2006 Bill Ireland2023 Marcus Brooks
2009 Karl Johnson 
2009 Heidi Tinnes 
2009 Paul Louis 
2010 Sylvie Froncek 
2011 Andrew McLaughlin