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Equipment Lists

COE PE Class Equipment Lists

Find your class below to find what equipment you will need.  Many items are available from COE Outfitting.

PE 1626, PE 1627 - Wilderness First Responder Equipment List

You should plan to wear or have with you clothing that will be appropriate to the season and location where you will be taking your class.  The class will be spending a significant portion of the class time out-of-doors, in both good and potentially foul weather.  Basically you want the clothing and gear you would take with you for a very long day hike in a wilderness area.Please consider bringing and wearing old clothes as you will be on the ground a lot, potentially getting muddy and possibly earning stains from moulage.  It is highly recommended that you mark all your clothing and gear with your name as in scenarios your gear will be grabbed and used by your team and possibly others.

* These items are provided by COE and are covered in the course fee.
** These items can be rented from the COE Outfitting

Required gear
  • **raincoat (available from COE Outfitting)
  • layers of clothing (so you can take a layer off if you are hot / put one on if you are cold)
    • base/wicking (synthetic, silk, or wool--not cotton)
    • insulating
  • 1 pair warm gloves or mittens (winter class only)
  • 2-3 pairs warm socks
  • ski hat
  • **pack with ability to tie bulky items such as sleeping pads on outside (preferably 2500 cu. in. or larger) (available from COE Outfitting)
  • at least 1 and preferably 2 water bottles (1 liter/quart or larger)
  • hiking boots or sturdy hiking shoes (open toed shoes or sandals are not allowed)
  • **headlamp (don't forget extra batteries and bulbs) (available from COE Outfitting)
  • *whistle
  • *compass
  • notebook and pen/pencil
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • small pocket knife
  • **sleeping pad or crazy creek chair (available from COE Outfitting)
Recommended gear
  • **stuff sacks (available from COE Outfitting)
  • **rain pants (available from COE Outfitting)
  • 2 garbage bags
  • **lighter and waterproofed matches
  • metal cup
  • 1 packet Jello® (not sugarless)
  • 20-50 ft. small diameter cord (parachute cord is fine)
  • tarp or 10' X 10' 4-6 mil plastic sheet

You are welcome to add to this list with other clothing and gear that you personally like.  However, you will not need stoves, tents, or other overnight gear.
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